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ojai energetics super cbd oil

Ojai energetics super cbd oil

“Our mission is to provide consumers with a safe, pure and quality CBD product that holistically addresses body systems and offers nutritional benefits for everyday use,” Kleidon said. “Our intellectual property portfolio continues to expand as we innovate and offer consumers the most effective way to nourish a widespread nutrient deficiency with their endocannabinoid systems, and also a nutritional supplement for daily health and wellness.”

Utilizing its proprietary delivery technology, Ojai Energetics’ CBD BIOLOGIX™ allows complete cannabidiol (CBD) benefits to be rapidly absorbed into the body in less than 60 seconds using Hydrosome encapsulated technology – making Ojai’s technology the most effective cannabidiol delivery method in the world. (Photo: Business Wire)

There are two types of cannabinoid receptors in the body – the CB1 variety that exists in the brain, and the CB2 variety that exists in the immune system and throughout the rest of the body. Each one of these receptors responds to CBD and work together to regulate a number of activities including mood, brain function, memory, sleep, appetite, as well as immune and pain response. Ojai Energetics’ CBD BIOLOGIX is the only Full Spectrum CBD on the market that is truly water-soluble.

“My body has endured some serious injuries, long-term side effects, along with significant aches and pains. Because of the current rules around professional racing, I am unable to reap the benefits of Super CBD, however I am a firm believer in its effectiveness and have witnessed firsthand its ability to provide support for post sport recovery and overall wellbeing,” Barrett said. “I can’t stress enough how valuable this phytonutrient is for athletes like myself who suffer the consequences of an active lifestyle and career. We need to break down the stigma associated with this natural plant and its cannabinoids that effectively work with our body’s own endocannabinoid system.”

The Ojai Energetics team is comprised of a group of visionaries, businessmen, scientists, sports professionals, doctors and medical researchers dedicated to a healthier living model that incorporates the use of CBD elixirs. Founder and CEO Will Kleidon set out to form a value driven company that could provide the purest, healthiest and most ethically produced CBD product on the market.

OJAI, Calif.–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Ojai Energetics, an ethics-driven health and wellness company rooted in ancient healing practices, is introducing modern technology to provide quality and affordable alternative health products for optimal physical and spiritual wellbeing. Utilizing its proprietary delivery technology, Ojai Energetics’ CBD BIOLOGIX allows complete cannabidiol (CBD) benefits to be rapidly absorbed into the body in less than 60 seconds using Hydrosome encapsulated technology – making Ojai’s technology the most effective cannabidiol delivery method in the world.

Ojai Energetics is leading the industry with its ongoing development of CBD and Cannabinoid delivery methods for medical treatment and nutrition, using organic supplements with the beneficial properties of CBD for everyday health and healing. The company’s patent pending process used in its CBD BIOLOGIX encapsulates the full spectrum hemp oil (CBD) in a tiny water bubble, making it the most bio-available, safest and quickest absorption method on the market.

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