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first this company goes by several different names with different locations—also Health Renew Max in Florida, SONOMA CBD OIL. I purchased 2 trial size samples costing $6.82 & $6.84. I NEVER RECEIVED anything and the next month found 2 additional charges on my Visa for $89.84 & $89.82. I did not even recognize the vendor’s name and had to interrogate them when i called to figure out what the charges were for. They told me i signed a an ongoing subscription agreement!! And,I could only get a partial refund (50%). I NEVER EVEN RECEIVED ANY PRODUCT AT ALL. This is a scam. I am disputing with credit card company but given the other identical complaints on BBB, they continue to get away with this. DONT BUY FROM UNKNOWN VENDORS online.

Family owned and operated for 25 plus years experience.

1105 Nashville Hwy
Lewisburg, TN 37091

We found that some vitamin stores were big box stores that just put an issue on a label and sold it to as many people as they could. We’re not a big box store; we’re experts in your community who care about finding the right solutions for you, so you can get better health. We put customer service and quality solutions first, no matter who you are or what health issue you’re facing.

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