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naturebox cbd chews review

The NatureBox Team

Great taste fast shipping

I love Naturebox because I love food and I love snacks. So what could be better than healthier snacks delivered right to me. I have been intertwined with Naturebox throughout the years (I used to receive a mystery box every month), and have enjoyed almost every snack I have received. Definitely recommend this company.


It's super easy to order. The snacks are always great. I love it! They also get here SUPER QUICK!

NatureBox’s new wellness collection CBD infused fruit chews.

NatureBox’s corporate snacking program.

NatureBox has made a big bet on developing CBD and adaptogenic snacks. The brand has always been known for healthy snack options especially for their corporate snacking programs. Their pivot towards CBD and adaptogenic snacks is taking their mission to promote wellness and stress reduction through delicious snacks to the next level. L aunched in 2012 by Co-Founders Gautam Gupta and Ken Chen, NatureBox has quickly become one of America’s most well known millennial food brands now with over two million customers and growing. The company was acquired in 2018 by Wheelhouse Partners, which has refocused the company on wellness solutions for consumers and businesses.