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native hemp solutions cbd

Native hemp solutions cbd

No! While CBD affects the high if you are also consuming THC dominant cannabis (in a less psychoactive and more relaxed way), it alone will not make you feel high.

There are over 140 cannabinoids. CBD is just one of them. CBD is short for cannabidol, it is a chemical naturally produced by Cannabis, but without getting you high. Cannabis can produce a variety of trichomes, not just THC, and CBD is the 2nd most common. All cannabis has a blend of cannabinoids and cannabis is considered legal hemp if it has less than .3% THC in the buds.

CBD has a range of positive affects, the primary symptoms CBD has been reported to help with include:

What are the benefits of CBD?

Some CBD products are considered full spectrum, which extracts the entire spectrum of cannabinoids, and other products are made from CBD isolate, which is only the CBD. It’s important to note that full spectrum CBD products have the potential to fail very sensitive THC drug tests. While CBD isolate products will not appear on drug tests.

Cannabis is an incredibly fibrous plant. These fibers can be collected and spun into a cloth similar to other threads. It is soft, strong, and very plentiful in each cannabis plant.

Will CBD get me high?

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