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mr nice cbd

Over recent years, we have been working on some newly exclusive merchandise, terpenes and a new line of world class CBD wellness products, which can now be bought right here! Coming from the school of whole plant extracts; Dr. Nice is a new line of quality wellness products made by Shantibaba (creator of GHSco, MNS seed bank and CBD crew Seed Company). After years of experience in breeding strains, Shantibaba has taken full control over all facets of cultivation. Selection and lab testing of a specific plant, keeping it alive as a mother and cloning from it to produce the identical concentrates time and time again. with real consistency. this is the real difference between our company and hemp extractors and resellers of CBD products.

New formulation of food supplements created by Shantibaba. These products are aimed to alleviate digestive issues utilizing our specific CBD genetics in combination with essential oils and vitamins.

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Mr nice cbd

The clothing range includes an £80 short-sleeved shirt emblazoned with a marijuana leaf print – based on one Marks was pictured wearing in Ibiza in the 1990s – and hoodies with secret pockets to stash drugs in.

As a result, the ingredient is being added to everything from toiletries to cocktails. It was recently billed in the lifestyle press as the “hottest new wellness trend”.

Morgan, who is a scion of the family behind the still British-owned Morgan Motor Company, said its organic CBD oil “passes the Ronseal test”, adding: “We are just starting to understand the role that cannabis can play in society.”

Alex Brooks, an analyst with Canada-based Canaccord Genuity, said there had been “striking growth” in demand for CBD products, which he estimated had generated €750-€1bn in retail sales in Europe last year.

He would like to see cannibis use legalised in the UK and points to a black market estimated to be worth £8bn annually as evidence of a huge market for Mr Nice’s products: “That tells you the scale of cannabis use and that there is a thriving cannabis culture.”

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, CBD does not get users high, making it the most promising compound from a marketing perspective.

Howard Marks with his autobiography Mr Nice. Photograph: Ursula Dueren/EPA

Xan Morgan, the chief executive of Equinox International, the international cannabis company behind the venture, plans to launch 10 Mr Nice stores across the UK.

Amid an explosion in new products coming on the market, sales of CBD oil and CBD-infused products are already thought to be close to €1bn a year in Europe.

Mr NICE are made extra unique as they also have brick-and-mortar retail locations, which is vary rare for most CBD brands in the UK.

They now also have a large presence in London’s Selfridges.

Mr NICE CBD Oils are all organically produced, full spectrum and non-GMO. On Handpicked CBD we stock Mr NICE CBD oil in 5% and 10%, Mr NICE CBD Capsules, Mr Nice CBD Coffee and the excellent Mr NICE CBG Oil.

Who Are Mr NICE?

Their first store in the heart of Soho opened its doors in May 2019. A modern cannabis destination stocking high-end CBD products, a unisex clothing collection, and carefully curated accessories from around the world.

Equinox International is a “Land to Brand” British cannabis company that invests in the development of licensed cannabis facilities around the world.

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In 2017. the Howard Marks Foundation partnered with Equinox International to deliver the “Mr Nice” brand.

By combining extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry with scientific expertise and diverse business experience, Equinox is on a mission to become a leading global cannabis supplier.