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mona cbd

Mona cbd

Though hemp and marijuana are both from the cannabis family, hemp plants contain less than 0.3 percent THC, and therefore have little ability to cause a user’s high. Marijuana plants, however, contain more THC components, and more recently developed hybrids have been bred to contain higher and higher percentages of the psychoactive substance.

Marijuana v. hemp

“I have just been aghast when I look at signs that say ‘Delta-8 is sold here,’” Howlett said. She argued this type of retail activity “totally bypasses the original legislation” that tried to separate hemp, which has no psychoactive properties, from marijuana, which does.

It’s being sold in NC. Is that OK?

“That’s why I’m just really confused,” she said. “I think the letter of the law says if it comes from hemp, it’s okay, but the intent of the law was to avoid issues that had to do with side effects that are coming from tetrahydrocannabinol, whether it’s Delta-8, or whether it’s Delta-9.”

Mona cbd

She refused to tell us the name of the licensed producers the CBD is supposedly sourced from, and she did not answer our repeated questions about the company's structure.

In recent days the company has made multiple unproven claims that their product can "help your body defend against COVID-19 Coronavirus".

One of those hoops is packaging.

"Independent lab report" from the Mona Lisa Healing website

The CBD product Naked is promoting through interviews and on her social media channels, called Mona Lisa Healing, is apparently derived from organic hemp grown on a Vancouver Island farm.

Another hoop CBD brands in Canada need to jump through – the most important one – is licensing.

On Mona Lisa Healing's website they have a page that features scans of what appear to be either photocopies or faxes from 2019 showing testing they seem to have had performed on their products. They call these "independent lab reports" and they're meant to provide proof of quality, as the company states that their customers' "trust in our products is paramount".