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mk ultra strain cbd

Mk ultra strain cbd

Take note, MK Ultra’s pungent combination of earthy, sweet, and chemical-like aromas tend to linger. Therefore, take measures to ensure adequate ventilation when growing or even smoking indoors.

Appearance-wise, an MK Ultra plant is relatively short, usually growing to a height of between 100-120cm. Its dense flowers and tight buds have a generous layer of resinous trichomes, which are sticky to the touch.

MK Ultra Strain Grow Info

Some users say that consuming MK Ultra causes them to get the ‘munchies.’ As getting off the couch may become difficult, keep some healthy snacks nearby.

The main side effect of MK Ultra is its powerful couch-lock effect, which will make even basic functioning quite challenging. Also, this strain’s intense cerebral and hypnotic effects could be quite disconcerting for novices unaccustomed to more potent cannabis strains.

THC Content – Highest Test

MK Ultra’s relatively high THC content is offset by a more modest CBD level of up to 0.20%.

Mk ultra strain cbd

It is one of those strong Indica strains that actually gave me a head-ache if I tried to push through the effects and stay awake. All in all, I believe the MK Ultra strain is meant to be used as a natural sleep-aid.

I came across this batch of the MK Ultra strain on my recent trip to SFVDM in Van Nuys, CA. Of course, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to review this strain in the past, so I knew I was in for a powerful, body-melting strain. As far as its genetics are concerned, the MK Ultra strain is a mixture of the OG Kush and G-13 strains.

“You aren’t medicating with this strain for the taste or smell though; this strain is meant for patients looking for pain relief as well as a powerful sleep aid.”

The G-13 strain is a pure Indica varietal that is rumored to have been liberated from the federal government’s breeding facility at the University of Mississippi during the 1970’s. On the other hand, the OG Kush strain is famous for its mysterious backstory and stoney effects.

MK Ultra Strain: OG Kush X G-13

T.H. Seeds was established in 1993. They “aim to improve and create new genetics while sticking to a simple philosophy: protect genetics and serve mankind.”T.H. Seeds is known for being the first company to offer …

Classified as one of the heaviest Indica-dominant hybrids in existence, the MK Ultra strain is sure to make your eye lids extremely heavy and slow your entire body down. It was bred by T.H. Seeds using two strains that are powerful sleep-aids in their own right.

My body and mind seemed to agree to give up and wind down for the day. One personal tip from medicating with this strain, is not to medicate with it until late at night — right before bed.

How Will The MK-Ultra Strain Affect Me?

Instantly effecting the patients full-body, this batch of the MK Ultra strain smelled like OG Kush but with a little bit of a burnt plastic aroma (I know, kind of gross — but it could have just been our batch). The taste is much, much smoother… earthy with a hint of mustiness.

With that lineage, it’s perfectly understandable why the MK Ultra strain has such powerful effects. Still, it can be a bit surprising just how strong it can be.

Mk ultra strain cbd

The aroma accompanying MK Ultra is quite odd and seems to be a mixture of pungent chemicals, sweet lemons, and fuel. The flavor is a bit more common being a blend of sweet pine and earthy skunk.

The hypnotic cerebral effects of MK Ultra are probably what spawned the idea for the name behind this strain. Within a few minutes, the psychedelic cerebral effects kick in and can induce paranoia and anxiety in those with a low tolerance to THC.

MK Ultra OG won awards back in the early 2000s but it’s still worth its weight and can measure up to the most popular strains on today’s cannabis market.

Flavor & Aroma of MK Ultra Strain

T.H. Seeds put together Cold Creek Kush as well, crossing MK Ultra and Chemdawg 91. It’s another indica-dominant hybrid that has a sour pine essence that took home 2nd place in the 2010 Cannabis Cup.

Myrcene acts as a calming antioxidant and may treat insomnia, pain, and inflammation. It’s found strains like Blue Dream and OG Kush.

THC Percentage

G13 takes on more government conspiracy as the legend of this strain is that the nation’s top agencies (CIA, FBI, etc) gathered the best strains in the 1960s and bred them to create what we would now call “dankensteins”.

If you make it through without paranoia, the high will be a combination of fast-acting and hard-hitting, leaving you relaxed and carefree for long periods. Beginners should tread lightly with MK Ultra.