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midwest monster cbd

Midwest monster cbd

Midwest Monster is an earthy Hybrid strain for those looking for the best of both worlds. This strain is known for its intense terpenes and earthy pine scent.

• Only 100% whole flower buds in every stick
• No fillers, chemicals, or additives
• Minimal vapor, with no burning, smoke or ash
• Compatible flower sticks are biodegradable

Omura flower sticks are filled by some of California's most prominent cultivators and can currently be found in select dispensaries across California. Full Spectrum CBD Whole Flower sticks sold separately online.

Libertine has four unique strains, each referring to the hemp flowers particular variety. Our flower is cultivated by master growers and is crafted to maximize the cannabinoid and terpene content for your elevated enjoyment. Strains can have different tastes and can produce different effects. But all of our strains are made with the same high quality standards of 100% Full Spectrum Whole Flower and proudly grown in the USA.

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Omura is a first of its kind heat-not-burn device revolutionizing whole flower consumption with pre-dosed whole flower sticks.