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Medicinal cannabis is beneficial for a multitude of conditions, so we endeavour to include a vast library of medicinal cannabis seeds considered to be medically beneficial for our customers. Browse of our complete selection of medicinal seeds now Learn more about medical cannabis seeds and the top 5 easy-to-grow medical weed strains including strains rich in rare, novel cannabinoids Sale of cannabis seeds from Medical Seeds

Medicinal Cannabis Seeds

Medicinal seeds can be beneficial for a multitude of conditions. The medicinal benefits of cannabis has been widely researched of late. Leading to overwhelming evidence that this natural plant has the ability to aid and even cure certain ailments. Scientists have suggested that there are over 50 various ailments that medicinal cannabis can alleviate and/or cure if the right strain is used for the said condition.

At Coffee Shop Seeds we have a vast library of medicinal cannabis seeds considered to be medically beneficial. From renowned breeders like CBD Crew, Medical Seeds, and Elite Seeds. Along with these as well as others, Medical Marijuana Genetics and their best selling, ground breaking strain Candida, with high levels of CBD and lower levels of THC. Whilst CandyLand Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Garden Of Green can aid those who suffer from ADD/ADHD, Cancer, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia, Migraines, Muscle Spasm and Stress.

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Top 5 medical cannabis seeds

A significant, and increasing, number of people grow cannabis mainly for the medical benefits. Medical cannabis seeds can produce crops which may help reduce symptoms of an illness or the pain caused by it. For some growers, medical seeds may be THC rich.

But for many medical growers the presence of other cannabinoids such as CBD, THCV, CBG etc may also be of significant value. Much depends on the personal needs of the individual and the types of cannabis that have the best effects.

One of the great benefits of growing your own medical marijuana seeds is that you can systematically assess which medical weed strains best suit you. In comparison, buying your medical marijuana from the streets can seem like a lottery.

Below we list 5 of our top medical weed strains. Always remember that the best way to find your most effective medical strain is to try growing your own. You may find differences in the effectiveness between indica and sativa strains or that certain cannabinoids work particularly well for you…

What is medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis is defined as any cannabis strain which offers medical benefits to a patient. Benefits can include appetite improvement, better sleep/rest quality, pain relief, reduction of symptoms etc.

Each human has a slightly different endo cannabinoid system. This means that we all respond slightly differently to a given medical weed strain.

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Some find that the best medical indica strains give better results than sativa strains. Others will find the opposite to be true.

Some medical growers find a THC rich strain to be most effective, others prefer easy-to-grow high CBD medical strains. The best medical seeds for you may be quite different to that of another person.

Experienced medical growers have usually tried growing a range of medical cannabis seeds. Often, they will assess indica vs sativa seeds, THC vs CBD seeds and cannabis seeds rich in new cannabinoids before focussing increasingly on the best medical cannabis seeds for their specific condition.

If you’re looking to buy medical weed seeds note that you can choose between autoflower seeds and feminised seeds. Autoflower seeds often have the benefit of being somewhat faster and easier to cultivate, especially for less experienced growers.

Also note that, depending on your location, medical cannabis seeds can be grown outdoors as well as indoors. Medical cannabis seeds for UK outdoor growers could include autoflower seeds which will grow even in short, northern European summers. These typically complete their grow cycle in around 100 days, even in short UK summers.

Best medical cannabis strains

It’s difficult selecting the best medical cannabis seeds from the Dutch Passion collection. That’s because so many patients will have their own personal favourites which give perfect results for their specific condition.

But the following 5 selections cover the main categories of CBD and THC content, as well as offering some new cannabinoids which may be interesting to medical growers seeking some new medical strains to try.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel, easy to grow high CBD medical strain

CBD Charlotte’s Angel produces up to 15% CBD in her dry buds with THC levels always below 1%. That means you can’t get high from this high CBD medical strain.

You can enjoy these buds throughout the day without psychoactive effects, allowing you to work, shop or rest without interference from THC. These are photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel has been one of the top selling medical strains and won 3 cannabis cups shortly after release. Prior to CBD Charlotte’s Angel seeds, the only way to get these CBD levels was from rare THC-free clones which few could access.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a sativa strain with unusually chunky blooms taking around 11 weeks to complete flowering. She is notably easy to grow in all conditions. Fans of medical autoflowering cannabis seeds will be pleased to note that Auto CBD Charlotte’s Angel is also available.

Medical Seeds

Medical Seeds is a spanish cannabis seed bank established in early 2008 with a collection of quality, commercial strains developed after selecting rare and outstanding phenotypes from Dutch and Canadian genetics.

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Their strains are suitable both indoor and outdoor cultivation, especially in the Mediterranean climate. Their catalog includes from pure Haze strains to hybrids developed from classic varieties like Blueberry, Northern Lights #5, Skunk, White Rhino , Medicine Man, Sensi Star, Cheese, Great White Shark , White Widow, Strawberry Haze, .

Medical Seeds list of awards is just impressive, which is proof of the extraordinary quality of their genetics.

Medical Runntz – Medical Seeds

Alchimia is glad to present Medical Runntz by Medical Seeds, all the Runtz qualities in feminised format. It is a mostly Indica genetics with incredible results in terms of resin production, flavours and cannabinoid concentrations. This variety now a [. ]

  • 3 seeds 24.00€
  • 5 seeds 40.00€

Eboshi CBG – Medical Seeds

Medical Seeds proudly presents Eboshi CBG, a feminised cannabis variety with up to 15% CBG and very low levels of THC and CBD, ideal for therapeutic applications and making CBG extractions. Available now in the online seed catalogue at Alchimiaweb. [. ]

  • 3 seeds 21.00€
  • 5 seeds 35.00€

Gelato 242 – Medical Seeds

Alchimia Grow Shop is pleased to present Gelato 242 by Medical Seeds, a feminised marijuana variety with purple and reddish colours and a super intense flavour. Gelato 242 by Medical Seeds, Gelato 41 x Do-Si-Dos hybrid It is the encounter between two [. ]

  • 3 seeds 24.00€
  • 5 seed 40.00€

Cookies Purple Punch – Medical Seeds

Alchimia Grow Shop is happy to present Cookies Purple Punch by Medical Seeds, a feminised marijuana variety with a high aromatic and psychoactive quality. Cookies Purple Punch, GMO Cookies x Purple Punch 2.0 hybrid This hybrid brings together the bes [. ]

  • 3 seeds 23.00€
  • 5 seeds 38.00€

Strawberry Cake CBD – Medical Seeds

Alchimia is pleased to present Strawberry Cake CBD by Medical Seeds, an easy to cultivate strain that develops long colas full of dense flowers. It offers a low THC and high CBD content, accompanied by a strong strawberry flavour. This pure CBD stabi [. ]

  • 3 seeds 21.00€
  • 5 seeds 35.00€

No Name Auto – Medical Seeds

No Name Auto from Medical Seeds is an auto-flowering cannabis plant created by crossing No Name, one of this bank’s best strains in terms of flavour, structure and effect, with the Medical Auto Rudelaris line resulting in an autoflowering strain tha [. ]

  • 3 seeds 20.00€
  • 5 seeds 33.00€

Blue Hell Auto – Medical Seeds

Blue Hell Auto by Medical Seeds is a feminised autoflowering cannabis variety created by taking the famous Blue Hell, a direct descendant of DJ Short’s Blueberry, and crossing it with Auto Medical Rudelaris to result in a top quality auto strain. Bl [. ]

  • 3 seeds 20.00€
  • 5 seeds 33.00€

Sour Glue – Medical Seeds

Medical Seeds presents here Sour Glue, a variety that produces fleshy flowers covered in a highly aromatic resin layer, now available in our feminised seeds catalogue at Alchimia! Sour Glue, a 100% US hybrid This 50/50 Indica Sativa hybrid is a cro [. ]

  • 3 seeds 21.00€
  • 5 seeds 35.00€
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Mendocino Chanel Kush – Medical Seeds

Medical Seeds presents here Mendocino Chanel Kush, a variety characterised for its colours and sweet and floral aroma on a fuel Kush background. Now available in our feminised seeds catalogue at Alchimiaweb! Mendocino Chanel Kush is a 70/30 Indica S [. ]

  • 3 seeds (Product sold out) 23.00€
  • 5 seeds 38.00€

Cookies Sherbert Auto – Medical Seeds

Alchimia is delighted to present Cookies Sherbert Auto by Medical Seeds, an Auto-flowering line that will seduce the grower for the harvest quality composed of rock hard flowers completely covered with resin rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, giving [. ]

  • 3 seeds 20.00€
  • 5 seeds 33.00€

Y Griega – Medical Seeds – Medical Seeds

Y Griega from Medical Seeds starts its growth with a spectacular vegetative vigour, making it especially suitable for SCROG setups to control its height. It differs from other Sativas because Y Griega produces heavy, large and extremely resinous bud [. ]

  • 3 seeds 19.50€
  • 5 seeds 32.50€

White Widow – Medical Seeds

White Widow from Medical Seeds has its origins in marijuana genetics from Brazil and southern India. Its growth pattern is is moderate, being ideal for the Sea of Green technique, using 25-30 plants per square meter and thus obtaining a uniform green [. ]

  • 3 seeds 23.00€
  • 5 seeds 38.00€

Banana Zkittlez – Medical Seeds

Alchimia is glad to present Banana Zkittlez by Medical Seeds, the encounter between two genetics with particularly intense flavours. This variety is now available in our feminised cannabis seed catalogue. It is a genetics conceived for lovers of unf [. ]

  • 3 seeds 23.00€
  • 5 seeds 38.00€

Banana Purp – Medical Seeds

Alchimia is happy to present Banana Purp by Medical Seeds, a feminised marijuana variety now available in our cannabis seeds catalogue. It is the encounter between two very popular genetics resulting in a hybrid plant very pleasant to grow. It produ [. ]

  • 23.00€
  • 5 seeds 38.00€

Recovery CBD – Medical Seeds

Alchimia is delighted to present Recovery CBD, the most CBD-rich variety developed by Medical Seeds, now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue. Recovery CBD is a well-balanced genetics, with a strong structure, fast flowering, very ple [. ]

  • 3 seeds 23.00€
  • 5 seeds 38.00€

Zkittlez – Medical Seeds

Alchimia is delighted to present Zkittlez by Medical Seeds, a variety now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue. It is a mostly Indica genetics that became very famous in 2014-2015, winning the Emerald Cup in 2016 as well as other award [. ]

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