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max brenner cbd

Max brenner cbd

The first treat on the table was the “Hammer Time”. As the name suggests, the dessert came complete with an adorable little hammer to accompany the giant hemisphere of chocolatey goodness. It was rather difficult to smash, as the chocolate coating seemed to be refrigerated for some time. After this slight struggle, we successfully smashed our way through the chocolate. It revealed fluffy honey meringue with rice crispie base.

i was truly excited to hear that Max Brenner was offering a special Christmas menu, and that the staff wanted to me to sample the treats on offer! I was blown away by their creativity of their creations with the dessert aficionados creating three specialties to celebrate this festive season.

Eggnog is a quintessentially Christmas treat, so it was very appropriate to have this dish on the Christmas menu. Max Brenner did a slight variation of the traditional egg nog by incorporating a rich chocolate ganache. The cinnamon spices were strong in this drink, which helped to enhance the overall flavour.

In my mind, Max Brenner has always been the restaurant chain that popularised the concept of ‘dessert cafes’. The bald man has been with me since childhood and I have always been obsessed over its delicious and addictive dessert treats. The cafe has even followed me through to university, with a Max Brenner cafe conveniently located within my university. I regularly visit this cafe, catching up on my readings over a smooth and silky cup of hot chocolate.

The final drink was the Candy Crush Cane Milkshake. My friends and I thought this dish had a very inventive name, playing homage to the popular game and alluding to the ingredients (most likely crushed candy canes). It really tasted like candy cane, just in a liquified form! It was a very sweet and condensed drink, so best share this dessert with a couple of friends as there’s simply no way one single person can drink the entire thing!

Max brenner cbd

As a dessert shop, it is still very good. The environment is elegant, the products are novel, and the taste is beyond expectations. No wonder it can become a generation of Internet celebrities. The chocolate mousse is so soft that it can drip down. .

My friend said that this chocolate shop is very famous. It can be said to be an online celebrity shop in Sydney. As a chocolate control, I was attracted as soon as I entered the shop. All kinds of chocolates are tempted, and the drinks are also beautiful. Milkshake is very good and the production is very interesting. The piping hot chocolate sauce solidified instantly on top of the ice cream. The collision of ice and fire made the chocolate taste very rich and delicious, just like coffee. The business is very good, so you have to wait a while for drinks. It's not bad to see chocolate hot pot.