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Sex workers' details have been used against them, including applying for a job or in child custody cases, according to Ms Kim.

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Sex workers call for a crackdown on the illegal massage parlour industry, saying it robs them of safe, legal work.

The Sex Worker Outreach Program (SWOP), which is run by the NT Aids and Hepatitis Council, has spearheaded the campaign, and recently made a lengthy submission to the NT Government that outlined the extent of discrimination the industry suffered under the current regulations.

Non-erotic only

"As a result of this, police operations regularly target this alleged practice," said Glenn Leafe, Detective Acting Superintendent of the Sex Crimes Division.

"That ends up creating this kind of illegal sort of underclass by having a system that's unworkable."

In February, they sent a text message to ABC Radio Darwin as presenter Adam Steer was interviewing Chief Minister Michael Gunner: "CM when you were on local radio on 16 Nov last year you said you were looking at reforms to give more protection to sex workers," the message read.

Do massage parlours do the wrong thing?

One only had to look online for more options and, indeed, there was less subtlety.

Terry Mills, the member for the Palmerston electorate of Blain, said he was surprised by how many parlours were filling gaps left behind by other businesses.

Massage darwin cbd

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