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mary’s medicinals cbd patch review

Mary's medicinals cbd patch review

Mary’s Medicinals innovative topical and transdermal products have won many awards, including the Cannabis Business Awards 2014 Invention of the Year and Best New Product at the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup. We couldn’t agree more – transdermal products with precise dosing and maximum effectiveness are here to stay.

We put Mary’s new medicated patches to the test below, but first we’ll look at the history of the patch itself. After all, transdermal patches are nothing new. You probably know of nicotine patches used for smoking cessation, but did you realize that transdermal patches have been around since 1979, when the FDA first approved them for administering the drug scopolamine to combat motion sickness? Since then, the patch has delivered everything from birth control to vitamin B12.

“I’ve been enduring chronic neurogenic pain for many, many years. I tried some of your patches and they really worked. Better than morphine, methadone, anything.” –Kelly, 45

As you’re probably aware, there are almost as many ways to ingest medical cannabis as there are reasons for ingesting it. But you may not realize there are new cannabis products you put ON your body instead of IN your body, and these delivery methods are making the whole industry take notice.

Patient Testimonials

However, a guy who claims to have helped develop the transdermal cannabis patch has been trolling (well, it depends how you see it) medical marijuana boards and offers a little shade. He says the Mary’s patch is not all-natural, and that it contains chemicals in both the patch and the adhesive. Furthermore, he reminds us that ALL transdermal patches come with risks.

CBD & THC have been known to help shrink tumors. I know that’s what happened to me. These patches saved my life.” –Steven, 38

On the plus side, Mary’s products are delivered directly to the bloodstream avoiding first-pass metabolism by the liver and breakdown by stomach acids. This gives their products an effective dosing of approximately 10 fold over anything else on the market, according to the Mary’s Medicinals website anyways. Many of their patches contain THC which is also the primary active ingredient in cannabis. However, smoking cannabis high in THC results in a sudden “high” that wears off quickly, while Mary’s Patch is designed to deliver a slow and consistent long-term medicinal dosage. Their cannabinoid specific products, such as THCa and CBD, are non-psychotropic, so they are much less like smoking.

About Mary’s Medicinals

In a word, yes. You will start feeling the effects about 25 minutes after you slap it on. The effects are quite subtle at first, but also very enduring – not 8 to 10 hours like Mary’s website claims, but a solid 4 to 6 hours of extended relief. The THC “high” is as potent as a double-dose cannabutter edible, but lasts longer, and the CBD pain-relieving properties are out of this world.

It’s impossible to compare. While patches and transdermal gels are a godsend for long trips and a perfect way to time-release your medication, you may miss the sensual experience of inhaling a thick cloud of smoke, or of biting into a delicious brownie.

Mary’s CBD and CBN transdermal patches are the only thing that works for me and I have tried just about everything on the market.

Cynthia Snyder

Love it works like a charm


How To Use

Thomas Fowler

Mary’s award-winning transdermal patches are born out of a commitment to accurate dosing through an advanced delivery method. The discreet 2×2″ squares simply adhere to any veinous part of the skin for 8-12 hours of unsurpassed systemic wellness benefits. Available in CBD, 1:1 CBD:THC, CBG, CBN, THCa, Indica and Sativa.


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I love these patches! 10/10

tracie geuy