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mary’s cbd compound

Mary's cbd compound

Cool citrus basil-scented, the Compound typically provides between 3-5 hours of reported relief and offers an instant cooling effect. Reported uses include relief from menstrual cramps and endometriosis, gastrointestinal issues, muscle pain, arthritis, neurological symptoms, spasms, scars, rough skin, cancer, migraines and more.


The Compound is offered in two sizes: .5oz 100 mg and 1oz 200 mg, both 1:1 CBD:THC. The Compound will typically not cause a euphoric effect, but it has been occasionally reported as mild. This product, unlike traditional topicals, will cause THC to appear on a drug screen.

Full Description

Full (1 oz): Approximately 200 mg (100 mg CBD – 100 mg THC) per container

Mary”s Transdermal Compound is the greatest salve man or (woman) has created in recorded human history. It does things that any topical cream or salve only dream of doing. Thanks Mary!

Mary’s Compound has been a savior to us time and time again. It started with a skin problem that I could not get to go away, using this compound and it was like a miracle. Since then we have used it for so many things that we can not live without it. We have jars of it handy all over the house and we take multiple containers of it with us when we’re on tour and when we travel. We swear by it. Thank you Mary’s, you have truly made our lives better!

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Dallas Knight


In my second week of using this product and really impressed how much it has helped my knees..really works give it a try.

Eric Fleming

It is so helpful. Works better than any other CBD I’ve tried.

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Edwina Eckenroth