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martial arts perth cbd

Martial arts perth cbd

Has branches all over Perth and caters for children aged four and over. They run family classes and mixed classes, so the entire family can join in!

Runs Judo classes for kids aged three and up, and has options for kids and their parents to train together.

Platinum Taekwon-Do – Claremont
Address: UWA Claremont Campus, Corner Goldsworthy and Princess Roads, Claremont – for a full list of locations, read on here.
Phone: 0414 932 609
Timetable: Saturday 3.30pm and 4.30pm (kids and adults), Monday 4.00pm (junior kids), Wednesday 4.30pm (junior kids), 5.30pm (kids and adults) and 6.30pm (senior adults).

“GF Team Joondalup has Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes.” – PMG member

Has classes for kids aged four and over and focuses on improving basic motor skills, listening skills, hand eye coordination, focus skills as well as life skills such as personal safety, stranger danger, bullying, fire safety and health and well being.

Throughout Perth

Legion 13 Perth Martial Arts – Cannington
Address: 1/53 Kent St, Cannington.
Phone: 0414 604 904
Timetable: Read on here for the full timetable.

Phillips Dojos – Nedlands
Address: 14 Government Road, Nedlands.
Phone: 0429 123 202
Timetable: See the full timetable here.

North of Perth

Culture to us is as important as the martial arts we teach. We believe in developing good human beings first and foremost and having an inclusive and safe training environment for all our members is our priority.

Kaizen Lab’s classes are designed to cater for all skill levels, meaning you do not have to be fit to begin training.

Kaizen’s Muay Thai and Kickboxing program is a great way to get fit and learn one of the most effective striking arts in the world. This class teaches the striking arts utilising elbows, knees, hands, feet and standing clinch making it a great self defence weapon and getting your fitness and conditioning to new levels.

This class brings a mix of both aerobic and anaerobic workout, it offers both strength and endurance.

Find out more about Kaizen Lab’s Brazilian Jiujitsu Program.

Our core values are mutual respect, trust and inclusiveness. Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu is a place where everyone, from senior members to newly joined members, respects themselves and one another, trusts that they have their team members best interest and safety in mind and includes each other as one of the team. Where there are ways to improve, we will continue to do so to ensure all men, women and children who step through our doors enjoy their martial arts journey.

There are NO hidden or surprise fees for grading. NO pushy sales tactics or long term contracts.

Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu’s is a martial arts school based in Perth with a range of classes in Brazilian Jiujitsu and Muay Thai. Classes include Women’s Only BJJ classes and beginner classes that will get you fit in a safe environment. Our inclusive and supportive culture means you never have to feel intimidated in starting something new or trying our classes.

This amazingly effective use of leverage allows smaller people to control a bigger and stronger opponent through limb control. Self defence is part of the curriculum in the fundamental stages to ensure you can protect yourself when you need to.

We look forward to welcoming you on the mat to join us for this wonderful journey.