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level select cbd cream reviews

Level select cbd cream reviews

Minty products are 100% my thing. Before the beautiful array of cannabis products available to us, CBD or otherwise, I always experimented by combining the amazing, soothing powers of mint and weed.

Since these products are in three “levels” of CBD strength, the lower levels are good for soreness and general aches, whereas the higher levels are more suited to moderate-to-severe pain issues. The 600mg Level 2 formulation worked decently on an injured neck, providing enough temporary relief to continue working, and knocked out post-gym soreness pretty well.

Having not tried Level 3, I can’t speculate, but it seems like it would be a more appropriate choice for serious pain, while the 600mg Level 2 was only a temporary relief.

Level select cbd cream reviews

cbdMD or Level Select CBD: Which Is Better?

While both companies pass the test for being reliable, cbdMD takes the win for being the better option. First off, the company has a comprehensive range of CBD products and that too for different conditions, including sleep troubles, muscle recovery, and pain relief.

Since the CBD industry is growing, the competition between different brands is getting fiercer. To score the better deal, many CBD companies collaborate with media celebrities – Kourtney Kardashian and Martha Stewart, to name a few – while others work with sportspersons.

Level Select CBD claims that potency and quality are the two highlighting factors of CBD oils. They have a variety of CBD oils, including:

For creating this culture, cbdMD works with renowned brands and popular athletes from all over the world. All products from the brand are THC-free and go through testing from an ISO-certified lab. You can read the Certificate of Analysis for each product on its description page.

For nighttime recreation, cbdMD sells CBD bath bombs in different scents, including lavender and eucalyptus. Just like their topicals, the CBD bath bombs are also suited for certain purposes, like Romance, Resist, Rejuvenate, etc.

cbdMD vs. Level Select CBD: Product Selection

Moreover, cbdMD offers CBD oil capsules – 450mg to 3000mg – for people who’re not exactly excited about the taste of CBD tinctures. The company’s PM Sleep capsules with 1000mg of CBD are particularly famous among customers for their effect on sleep.

Alternatively, the Level Sports Cream offers the same advantages and is available in the same potencies.