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leg up farm cbd oil

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Leg up farm cbd oil

“Vermont absolutely has the opportunity to create a boutique hemp and cannabis industry just as we have created highly artisanal industries in maple syrup, cheeses and craft beer,” said Raap. “People who can demonstrate that they can grow hemp legally under the existing hemp program may very well have a leg up in the coming cannabis industry.”

Farmer John Williamson has been growing seed crops and making biodiesel there for more than 10 years and has an oil press and a de-huller. Williamson is joined by Robin Alberti, Ken Manfredi, who has grown a small hemp plot in Vermont during the past two years, and Doug Fine, the New Mexico-based goat farmer and hemp activist.

This year, hemp is being farmed in more than a dozen locations around Vermont, from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts state line.

Only an acre or two of the hemp grown in Shaftsbury will be used for CBD. The rest will likely be used for textiles and food. Williamson said he’s already in contact with a wool processor in upstate New York about the possibility of using the fiber from his hemp crop to make cloth.

Farmers have started planting Vermont’s third hemp crop. Though their numbers are few, the acreage devoted to hemp has significantly increased this year, as has the direction of the state’s fledgling hemp industry.
A survey conducted by this reporter of hemp growers registered with the Agency of Agriculture indicates that around 60 acres of industrial hemp are being planted this year, dwarfing the acreage previously cultivated in Vermont – but still tiny compared to states such as Kentucky and Colorado, where thousands of acres are being grown.

Alejandro Bergad, the CEO of Green Mountain CBD, served as chief agricultural officer at a Colorado hemp farm and has been breeding hemp seeds in Hardwick.

A small patch of hemp will be grown in the Intervale section of Burlington by Dylan Raap, whose father founded the Gardener’s Supply Company and the Intervale Center. The younger Raap will be growing hemp in greenhouses at two other locations: one on the Killington area and the other somewhere in Chittenden County. The greenhouse crops are for research into CBD production.

“We’ll actually extrude the oil out of the seed once we harvest it and look at oil content and quality and then how to best utilize the meal, which is actually what’s left after you extrude the oil out of the seed,” Darby says.

Sterling professor Charlotte Rosendahl says the college, which has a fiber arts program, is interested in the textile uses of hemp and also the possibility that hemp may can be as animal feed in Vermont.

Leg up farm cbd oil

However, the legality of the plant’s individual compounds, including delta-8 THC, falls into a gray area.

“We don’t know enough to be worried yet, but better to be safe than sorry,” said Daniele Piomelli, director of the University of California, Irvine, Center for the Study of Cannabis.


The cannabis plant contains more than 500 chemical compounds, including 100 cannabinoids, like CBD and various forms of THC.

News A Black woman invented a marijuana appliance. To her, equity and normalization are key.

“Switching to CBD products that also have delta-8 has made a huge difference. It’s not quite as potent as delta-9, but it’s very similar,” he said.