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kushy punch cbd review

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Kushy punch cbd review

Effectiveness: 5/5

I really appreciate the terpenes that KushyCBD added into this CBD Oil Tincture. Upon first opening it, I noticed that the smell was floral and tropical and smells to me like some perfectly ripe subtropical fruit that I can’t remember the name of. The taste, to me at least, was largely informed by the smell and if I had to sum up the taste in a single word it would be: heavenly.

Now back to the KushyCBD Peach CBD gummies I reviewed, even though the 10mg doses are smaller than the 15mg dosage that many other CBD companies give; 10mg is still the recommended dosage for cannabis products in California – where KushyCBD is from. Even though I ate ⅔ the amount of CBD as I normally do when trying gummies, I still experienced a full calming CBD effect from the gummies. I attribute this to the MCT and the high-quality CBD isolate used in KushyCBD Gummies.

KushyCBD Peach CBD Gummies Reviews

Overall score: 5/5

Taste: 5/5

KushyCBD Products and our Reviews

I opened the gummies’ packaging from the left side and ate a single 10mg peach CBD gummy. I was blown away. These were really, really high-quality gummies and their taste was delicious. Luckily, for all the THC users KushyPunch the sister brand of KushyCBD also offers THC infused gummies .

Another key differentiator is that KushyCBD uses full spectrum CBD oil and high-quality CBD oil. This results in the same 0mg THC CBD products but with more ancillary cannabinoids and terpenes.