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kosher cbd oil

Kosher cbd oil

The cost of Kosher certification for your company’s CBD products will depend on a variety of factors most notably: the specific location of your extraction and production facilities and the varieties of products you manufacture and their specific ingredient profiles.

Regardless of how the Extraction process is performed this process will need to obtain Kosher certification. This is generally very doable so long as the Extraction equipment is dedicated to Hemp or other Botanicals or Herbs as the methods of Extraction do not fundamentally involve any processing agents or solvents that pose a Kosher issue or that cannot be obtained with the as necessary Kosher certificate.

In general, based on my exposure to the developing CBD industry the types of ingredients employed in product formulation whether for a consumable product, cosmetic or a self- care product do not pose difficulties in obtaining these ingredients in a Kosher certified form.

EarthKosher is enthusiastic and proud to work with the CBD industry and our clients include: Colorado Cultivars, Restorative Botanicals, Follium Biosciences, Elixinol and Hummingbird Botanicals.

The Process of Kosher Certification

The Kosher certification process does concern itself with all manner and forms of Extraction. This, whether done locally at the Farm where the Hemp is grown or at another Extraction facility elsewhere.

If for example, you are adding Black Cumin Seed Oil, or a Flavor for example Mint Chocolate or Orange, an Essential Oil for example Lavender or for that matter another Extract of a different Plant these would all require Kosher certificates from the Supplier to back up the Kosher certification of the specific ingredients employed.

This requires obtaining a Kosher certificate from the Supplier for the specific ingredients being added.

We are happy to sign an NDA at any point in the process so you feel comfortable that your company’s information is kept secure.

We simply treat Hemp like any other non-psychoactive plant that has many health, healing and pain relieving properties and applications. From a Kosher certification perspective, Hemp is no different than Maca or Ginseng and the process of its Kosher certification is no different.

Kosher cbd oil

Today, we’ll take a look at the Kosher CBD oil certification; a rare, but important CBD certification that works to ensure inclusivity in the CBD market. In this helpful article we’ll discuss what kosher CBD is, how kosher CBD is made and certified, and how to private label your very own kosher CBD oil.

Why does CBD oil need to be Kosher certified?

If you have any additional questions about our certification process, reach out to us at anytime here.

Neurogan Kosher Certified CBD Products

Whereas most CBD companies don’t provide Kosher CBD options, we feel that a kosher certification is integral to making sure that a wide audience can have access to CBD while still staying true to their religious faith.