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koi cbd 1000mg reddit

Koi cbd 1000mg reddit

I will take it orally under the tounge to start out.

Is this a tincture or RSO? Don’t start out with that much, at once. Try may 5mg-20mg just for the first few times. Too much cbd can lead to hyper emesis, and you don’t want that, trust me.

First time experimenting with CBD , is 1000mg too much to start?

I'm basing it off my high tolerance to THC and hoping I'm accurate.

Hey everyone , I've smoked cannabis flower and concentrate for quite some time now.

What effects should I feel and should it make me tired?

If this is an oil concentrate, you’ll need to be able to vaporize or heat the oil, by using a dab rig or vaporizer. Again, start small here, dabs go a loooooooong way.

Koi cbd 1000mg reddit

Anyone felt any effects? Whats your experience with koi cbd?

I've tried lots of CBD products from charottes web to home made products derived from sativa/indica not hemp. Never noticed anything unless it was mixed with THC. CBD is not a psychoactive drug. So unlike say nicotine it has no noticeable affect on your psyche. You wont feel anything from it ever. It's like taking ibuprofen for a pain, you don't feel it work. You notice the results or the lack of symptoms. Now it does work well substituted for analgesics or for inflammation. But it isn't a psychoactive substance.