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Pre-Plant Support Workshop – May 4, 2019 (Oregon)

The Hemp University Educational Seminar – March 23, 2019 (Oregon)

The Hemp Farming Infrastructure (Division Two) consists of hundreds of acres of hemp and kenaf growing in multiple locations, farm equipment, cloning rooms, clones and seeds, grow rooms, greenhouses, hemp drying facilities and a huge amount of peripheral farming tools and equipment. The progress Hemp, Inc. has made in its agricultural endeavors, over the course of four years, has been amazing. The year 2020 marks the fifth year that Hemp, Inc. has been growing hemp. (To see Hemp, Inc.’s agricultural progress from 2016 through 2019, visit Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook page at and scroll through posts from 2016 to the present. Visit to see the videos of Hemp, Inc.’s grows in multiple locations.)


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