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just cbd packaging

SKS has a large selection of glass and plastic CBD concentrate containers to suit a variety of products.

SKS provides a versatile inventory of jars, bottles, vials, and tins that could be ideal CBD edible packaging choices for chocolates and candies, CBD infused drinks, and more.

Hemp Protein Powder & Hemp Seed Packaging

SKS Bottle is pleased to include a broad range of CBD packaging options for the evolving and expanding hemp industry. Browse our collection of versatile bottles, jars, tins and bags for CBD edibles, topicals and more to display at your dispensary. Choose from a selection of tamper evident and child resistant containers that meet the guidelines and regulations for CBD packaging, while also keeping CBD products and hemp oil fresh on dispensary shelves and presenting your product line in style. Check out our product spotlight for additional information on child resistant packaging for hemp oil and CBD products.

SKS provides dispensary supplies for the storing, handling, and dispensing of CBD in various forms.

CBD Infused Drinks & CBD Edibles Packaging

Choose from a wide variety of plastic and glass CBD hemp oil tincture bottles paired with dispensing caps to package hemp oil formulas for sale at your dispensary.

Just cbd packaging

If you’re going to be selling CBD products, it’s not enough to just know about the CBD market, but you should especially pay attention to the food and drug administration FDA because the life of your business is in their hands. When your business is up and running, the last thing you want is to get FDA warning letters left and right. In fact, a simple Google search will tell you a lot of CBD companies get a lot of warnings from the FDA due to wrongful use of labeling their CBD products.

Responsibility statement. Other than including rights reserved info, this includes the CBD company’s name, address, and phone number. More importantly, do not forget to include product development details. In fact, companies even include more information as to where the products were tested.

Net quantity. The content for this simply means indicating the volume or number of pieces of the product for use is held in the container.