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joe montana cbd

Joe montana cbd

Companies have creatively circumvented these restrictions by announcing partnerships that focus on the brand, rather than the celebrity.

Last January, football legend Joe Montana was part of a $75 million investment in Caliva, one of the largest cannabis companies in California.

Rapper Jay-Z is also involved with Caliva, which has plans to expand beyond California and into other states. Jay-Z is employed as the company’s chief brand strategist.

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Beyond that, he has stayed quiet on the cannabis front. Still, the association with Montana, a three-time Super Bowl MVP, has been a boon for Caliva, a seed to sale cannabis company headquartered in San Jose.

In Canada, the regulations concerning celebrities and cannabis brands are more stringent than the U.S. No celebrity may endorse a cannabis company, nor can any company celebrate any lifestyle or health benefits that could be associated with the plant.

The stringent regulations have been criticized by many, citing it as yet another barrier for the development of the Canandian cannabis market.


Snoop Dogg is partnered with Canopy Growth Corp., for instance, but the product line, in Canada, is known as LBS, an acronym of Leafs By Snoop, the name the product line goes by in the U.S.

“Joe shared his story about belief in plant-based solutions vs. opioids and we were thrilled to have him as a strategic investor,” O’Malley said.

In a statement, Montana said that he hopes the company will bring “quality health and wellness products that can provide relief to many people and can make a serious impact on opioid use or addiction.”

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana knows an opportunity when he sees one, and one of the largest growing industries is cannabis.

Bartz will serve on the company’s board of directors, according to CEO Dennis O’Malley.

The NFL Hall of Famer joined former CEO of Yahoo Carol Bartz and invested in Caliva, a San Jose-based weed dispensary and delivery service, raising $75 million in funding, the company said Thursday.

Marijuana is recommended by some professionals for pain management, but there are also some who hope it could help treat opioid addiction. Experts are still waiting to see whether medical marijuana will have any effect on the opioid crisis.

Caliva provides delivery service across the Bay Area and sells its own brand of products including marijuana buds, vape pens, edibles and other CBD- and THC-extracted products.

The latest annual report from Eaze, a California marijuana delivery service, found that 71 percent of its surveyed consumers said they reduced or stopped their over-the-counter pain treatment.