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jayden’s juice cbd dosage

Jayden's juice cbd dosage

*Avg. mg per bottle: 420 mg CBD, 20 mg THC



(a.k.a. “The Modesto Miracle”)


Begin by placing a 0.5 ml dose under the tongue 3 times a day.

Jayden's juice cbd dosage

“That doesn’t mean that it’s ineffective for depression or anxiety or ADHD or insomnia,” said Fong. “It just means it hasn’t been scientifically proven.”

Another part of the problem lies in a lack of research to substantiate evidence-based care.

Once Tony got his diagnosis, the Graglias tried two epilepsy medicines. They partially reduced Tony’s seizures, but the side effects “zombified” him. Epilepsy drugs are known for their harsh side effects, including hallucinations, full-body rashes, and uncontrollable anger.

Though CBD is helping with some symptoms of SYNGAP1, like seizures and behavior, Mike Graglia is hoping that a gene therapy breakthrough could help his son, Tony. Isabella Jibilian/Peninsula Press

Mike Graglia works from home, and spends his free time emailing researchers, connecting them in the hopes that they will research his son’s condition. Isabella Jibilian/Peninsula Press

California’s legalization of marijuana in 2016 has stopped raids like these and has given rise to the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s unprecedented degree of oversight.

The Drug Enforcement Administration classifies cannabis as a “Schedule I” drug, alongside heroin and LSD. These drugs are considered to have “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”

Graglia talked with Tony’s neurologist, who gave him the green light to try out CBD. First, they tried Charlotte’s Web, a popular CBD oil that is made from hemp rather than marijuana.

Graglia is just one of many parents that have reached for CBD oil in the hopes of it helping their children’s health.