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jacob hooy cbd oil uk

Jacob hooy cbd oil uk

“Unfortunately, we are not able to provide the certificates of analysis as these contain proprietary information. The product is a full spectrum product and we do receive the certificates of analysis for the products from the supplier.”

This is a straightforward, easy to use product with a sturdy bottle and bulb tipped dropper. It doesn’t have a child safe cap, which is always my preference, but it was leak proof without needing to be over tightened.

Ease of Use

There are no third-party lab tests publicly available for any Holland & Barrett CBD products. This is one of the most noticeable differences between them and leading CBD retailers. They appear to be trading on the strength of their reputation and position on the high street.

Simply stating that the tests have been completed is not good enough. For products such as these, evidence should be clearly available so that customers can be 100% sure that they have got what they’ve paid for. I followed up a couple of times for more details and they did not respond with further information.

Jacob Hooy 5% Oil Taste

The price of a 10ml bottle of 5% Jacob Hooy oil is £29.99 which feels slightly expensive for a standard oil. It is a similar price to BioBloom and Love Hemp’s products which are considered high-quality.

Jacob hooy cbd oil uk

In Summary

CBD oil & Holland and Barrett

As you can see from the above thread, Reddit mostly has a negative attitude towards Jacob Hooy / Holland and Barrett CBD oil. The top comment on this thread is less than complimentary about the CBD oil, and there are various threads on the platform where people state that the Jacob Hooy Holland and Barrett CBD is no good at all. Reddit has a passionate and knowledgeable CBD community, so we always like to take a look at the reviews on there for no-nonsense advice.

What does Reddit think of Holland & Barrett CBD oil?

With the full knowledge that the Jacob Hooy reviews that we have heard may not be accurate, we thought we would give the oils a try. In all honesty, we thought that they were pretty damn good- for a couple of reasons. The was clearly made using a hemp paste (which is stated too on the website) and contained all the natural plant matter that makes the Hemp plant special. We a really into whole plant oils and products, so for us this was a huge relief. The thinner, more refined oils just don’t do the job as well.