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is cbd oil legal in alabama

Is cbd oil legal in alabama

If you’re wondering where you can buy CBD oil in Alabama, the answer is everywhere — from various online sites to brick-and-mortar stores. Just as in the rest of the US, the popularity of hemp-derived CBD as a health-and-wellness supplement in Alabama has skyrocketed since 2018 when Congress passed legislation legalizing its use federally. Hemp-sourced CBD is used to treat anxiety, pain, stress, seizures and help people living with such illnesses as MS, It’s now available in Alabama in an array of products from oils and edibles to pet treats and bath bombs.

CBD Oil In Alabama

You can get all the normal range of CBD oils in Alabama that you can buy elsewhere in the US. There’s full-spectrum oil which contains all the cannabinoids normally found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. People often opt for full-spectrum as it provides what experts call the “entourage effect” — the health benefits of all the cannabinoids.

Local stores

Most importantly, you want reputable sellers whose products are independently tested for potency, quality, and safety. Ahead of all else, you want products that are derived from organic, US-grown hemp that’s been tested in licensed third-party labs for potency and purity. You want to be sure of what you’re buying as possession and sale of CBD oil from industrial hemp containing just 3% THC is legal in the state thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill [1] passed by Congress. But possession and use of marijuana, even though it comes from the same cannabis plant family, can carry a big fine or jail term.

Is cbd oil legal in alabama

“That’s the best way, something like a medicine that can actually help them with their PTSD their anxiety without having all the extra negative side effects from medications that are given to them all the time. So that’s kind of the reason that we did this.”

“I’m a veteran. And to be honest with you. We’re dropping like flies and I hate it,” Lowery said. “I was a medic in the military, so I have a sense of duty and responsibility to these guys. And if I can provide them with a plant, it’s like my way of still being a medic.”

Rob Lowery says he’s also concerned about the future of Delta-8.

“A lot of help farmers and CBD people in Alabama. You know, we rode in and was like, this will kill the industry. We need this because CBD had slowed down,” she said. “So much delta eight saved the industry. I’m expecting to see a bill next session to try to ban it.”

Lowery says delta-8 products are really popular with her customers—especially the gummies.