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is cbd oil good for gout

Is cbd oil good for gout

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Yes, CBD can help alleviate the symptoms of gout including inflammation and pain.

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May CBD Oil Help with Gout?

Untreated gout can lead to serious joint damage. Gout has no cure, however, its symptoms can be managed through the use of medication and a special diet that limits the number of purines you consume.

Gout is a very common form of inflammatory arthritis [8] caused by excess uric acid accumulating in the joints after the breakdown of purines in the body.

The Bottom Line

If you aren’t ready to make the leap by using CBD to treat the symptoms of gout, there are other alternative gout treatment methods [16] you can use. Parts of the treatment plan you can use includes:

A literature review in 2018 [15] found that cannabinoids do have the potential to treat pain in osteoarthritis, another form of arthritis pain. The report also noted that the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is affected by CBD, plays a large role in joint-related pain.

Is cbd oil good for gout

Some of CBD’s major benefits are its analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties. Since chronic inflammation can be at the root of metabolic syndrome (due to physical inactivity, high fasting blood sugar, high waist-to-hip girth, etc.), CBD’s positive effects on inflammation show promise for using CBD oil for gout pain. Further, research specifically on CBD’s effects on pain related to arthritis indicates the high potential for using CBD oil for gout. Another study showed CBD lessening inflammation, pain, and nerve damage due to osteoarthritis. Current research shows CBD working for various types of arthritis, however studies on CBD and gout specifically are yet to come.

Since essential oils must be used with a carrier oil, combining them with a CBD-based topical can be an option. Combining CBD oil with essential oils offers you synergistic benefits. To maximize these benefits, also consider CBD-infused bath bombs.

Current treatment to manage symptoms of gout include using medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), Colchicine, and corticosteroids. Side effects of NSAIDs such as ibuprofen include stomach pain, stomach ulcers, and even bleeding. Colchicine, which works by lowering the amount of uric acid, has side effects of nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Corticosteroids, like NSAIDs, lower pain and inflammation but have side effects such as rapid mood changes, retaining water, and increased blood pressure. These side effects from drugs used to treat gout lead many gout sufferers to look for natural alternatives with less damaging side effects.

Drugs Used to Manage Symptoms of Gout

The obesity epidemic has been linked to increased occurrences of gout. When it comes to preventing gout or reducing the number of flare ups, CBD’s positive effects on weight loss also show potential for using CBD oil for gout. CBD helps turn dangerous white fat (which causes obesity and diabetes) into brown fat. This brown fat uses thermogenesis to help burn excess calories and leads to weight loss. Further, CBD also promotes weight loss through its effects on the proteins involved with creating new fat cells, and unlike the cannabinoid THC, it does not lead to an increase in appetite.

Some of these lifestyle factors are:

Can You Use Essential Oils for Gout?

Apart from using CBD oil for gout, other popular alternatives currently being used to manage gout symptoms include essential oils.

A great feature of CBD oil is that it offers a wide range of methods of application. CBD oil for gout can be taken sublingually (under the tongue), applied directly on the skin, or inhaled. When it comes to pain relief from arthritis, transdermal (through the skin) or topical applications have been shown to be beneficial in animal studies. CBD-infused lotions have been formulated for these very reasons. Calyx’s Smooth and Smooth+ are water-based CBD-infused topicals which offer a generous 600mg to 1200mg of hemp-derived CBD to help with localized skin or pain irritations. Through a topical application, you can expect pain relief for a longer period of time. A healing CBD-infused bath is also helpful for arthritis related pain and stiffness. Benefits of heat application through a bath include quicker absorption of the CBD, muscle pain and tension relief, and a method of enjoying CBD oils benefits without smoking or inhalation.