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is cbd legal in turkey

Is cbd legal in turkey

For this reason, public opinion of cannabis has been largely negative in the past. Figures show that young people in Turkey use it far less than their fellow European counterparts. Cannabis is becoming more popular in urban areas though, even though it is illegal.

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First off all, I was born and raised in Istanbul. And I studied university in Hatay province which is a border city near Syria. In Hatay, you are able to find any quality of weed and it depends on whom you know. Its not legal,yet you can find it everywhere on the streets. There are packages that arranged for selling like at least for 20 Liras but this price only salable in small cities. Now, in 2017 you can get 2 to 4 grams of weed for 50 liras in Istanbul, it wasnt like that years ago. (Depends on the quality and the relation with your dealer)And its a real deal. Now they take care of their business and dont fuck around. If you wanna buy it then you should ask barmen and youngsters. But be careful in order to not get cheated. Advice: smoke it on the roof of a house where you can see the silhouette of the city in the night with a cold beer like Carlsberg. Have fun!

However, President Erdogan’s decision to legalise industrial hemp production marks a distinct shift. By recognising the economic value of cannabis, this may bring about a change in public perception.

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To be prescribed cannabis for medical purposes, you must be assessed by a Turkish doctor who is authorised to issue ‘red’ prescriptions. This type of prescription is allocated to medications that contain narcotics.

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As of 2016, the change in world also affected Turkey. Recently in february, the congress passed a bill allowing to import Oral THC Spray with red prescription. This can be considered as the first step and as the UNGASS coming in soon on 19th of April, more changes may be seen.

Turkey’s location presents a unique situation in terms of cannabis supply. Situated next to drug-producing nations in the Middle-East, it acts as a gateway for cannabis dealers to distribute illegally in Europe. There is considerable pressure on the Turkish government to control this trafficking, and as such, the penalties are severe.

Is cbd legal in turkey

> Türkiye’de CBD yağı üretemiyorsunuz ancak CBD’nin tedavi edebileceği bir hastalığınız varsa, yurtdışından sipariş verip doktorunuzdan alacağınız reçete ile gümrükten teslim alabilirsiniz.

I can't get a straight answer from google. Sometime I see that you can go to a doctor to be prescribed CBD but others say that it is highly illegal.

You can't produce CBD oil in Turkey but if you have an illness that CBD can cure, you can order one from abroad and claim it from customs/customshouse with the prescription your doctor gave you.