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The 16-year-old Ipswich State High student has been cutting wood and shovelling dirt – putting the finishing touches on what looks to be a planter box, but is really the foundation of Ipswich's future.

Curbing the region's unemployment

"The whole CBD redevelopment is bringing that beating heart back to Ipswich, and it's giving us community pride again," Mayor Teresa Harding said.

Keeping students in school

It's also a crucial step towards ensuring student's success after graduation.

"A city like Ipswich needs a thriving CBD ."

Nearby businesses are already seeing a new wave of customers, with foot traffic from the mall overflowing to the "Top of Town" area.

New era of success

"We're going to be alright in Ipswich, really we are."

Business confidence returns

The entire Ipswich City Council was sacked by the Queensland government in 2018.

Council signed a contract with Hutchinson Builders in 2019 which included the reconstruction of the retail, entertainment and commercial premises as part of the broader program of works.

To ensure that the building could be repaired, and to prevent further disintegration to the original components, the building was carefully deconstructed with the pieces stored offsite at a council depot to be restored and repaired.

Council enters final stage of Ipswich CBD revitalisation

“I believe the Nicholas Street Precinct, and specifically, the entertainment and retail spots currently under construction, will attract people to our city to spend, and to live, work and play.

It will include reconstruction, extensive work on the building facades and enable tenant fit-out to commence.