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Unwanted or excessive facial or body hair growth

Procedure Information

Aftercare instructions should be strictly followed. Usually, this involves the use of an ice pack for 30 minutes to 1-hour post-treatment and avoiding direct sunlight.

How long will each session take?

No, IPL machines are not made equal. Some are much stronger than others. You will often see advertising for ‘Medical Grade IPL’ or ‘Medical Grade Laser’, this means that the IPL or laser machine has the ability to be turned up to Doctor Only settings. If you wish to have the settings turned up to Doctor Strength or if you would like Doctor supervised settings please ask about this at your initial consultation. Our Perth laser hair removal clinics offer the best medical grade lasers.

Laser HRH offer a vast range of hair removal, tattoo removal, acne, pigmentation & skin rejuvenation treatments. We use technologies including IPL, SHR, ELOS, SPL, Laser, Thermagè RF, Skin Needling & PDT, or LLLL*. Laser HRH continues to extensively research the latest scientifically backed findings to help us to give our clients the best results possible. Our technicians undertake continued professional development to ensure our treatment techniques are of the highest standard, in turn enabling us to deliver the widest range of treatments for nearly all skin types, hair colours, & skin conditions available in Perth