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infinity drops cbd

Infinity drops cbd

500MG Broad Spectrum CBD OIL *BUY 1 GET 1 HALF PRICE!* Discount applied during checkout automatically! *NOVEL UPDA.

1,000MG CBD Drops *NOVEL UPDATE* We have submitted our Broad Spectrum CBD Drops to Novel Food and we are awaiting .

We made all of our cosmetic formulations from scratch, hand pour and produce in small batches for full control whilst also applying the same controls as an ISO 22716:2007 standard lab. This provides you complete peace of mind in terms of quality as well as the level of passion that goes into making each and every product.

CBD Tablets *New updated recyclable packaging!* These Full Spectrum CBD Orbs pack a punch at 25mg per capsule, an ea.

Our most cost effective solution for those of you who use our 20% 10ml CBD Oil formulations. With 3 times as much per.

Infinity drops cbd

Before they knew it they were at the first Hemp and CBD expo in Birmingham. Fast forward to 2021 and their products are used all over the world, with shops stocking them across the UK and a passionate customer base.

Now operating out of a carbon-neutral lab, they produce a wide range of CBD skin care and cosmetics, massage therapy products, CBD oil drops, and last but certainly not least, their gourmet CBD infused chocolate. Starting out, they worked closely with local support groups to find what kinds of products were effective, they then refined their own formulations using feedback from the members to launch their first line of CBD products.

Infinity CBD was launched by four like-minded CBD users and owners of the first CBD Dispensary in Pembrokeshire. They set out to create affordable, traceable and natural products to replace the imported mass-produced alternatives on the UK market.

Their massage products bring the spa to home with decadent aromas and nourishing oils leaving your skin feeling loved. Their CBD Oil drops are vegan friendly and formulated using Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and they’ll even plant a tree for every bottle sold with the ‘InfiniTree’ emblem on!

Their most notable cosmetic products are the Extra Strong Muscle Salve, which is a cooling peppermint body butter, ideal to work into those tired muscles. The Calm Stick; a portable rollerball that contains a potent mix of Full Spectrum CBD extract, lavender and peppermint essential oils. Ideal for that pre Yoga warm-up or to unwind at the end of the day.

Last but certainly not least is their Chocolate, in a range of four classic flavours, this was the first SALSA accredited chocolate on the UK market and is now a favourite for many with good reason!.

Infinity drops cbd

Set the kettle on and get a small cup of your favourite non-caffeinated tea and add two to four drops of Infinity CBD Infusions ‘Calm’ to the mix. If you prefer not to drink just before bed, then you can take these drops by holding them directly under your tongue instead.

Your journey to sleep should begin an hour before you intend to get into bed, set a gentle reoccurring reminder on your phone for this time. Time to put your phone away until tomorrow, ensure your alarm is set for the morning and put it on charge and forget about it.

13th December 2021

It’s no secret that we live in a world that has thrived on using all sorts of additives, chemicals and plastics in products we consume day in day out.

How to get started on your new sleep ritual.

The first step is your mindset, forget the rushed ‘routine’ before bed, one of monotony that earmarks the end of your usual daily struggle before you wake up and do it all again. Take charge, empower this vital part of your day to be about you, your self-care and something that you will look forward to.

Next up, nourish yourself – Get in that shower. Even for two minutes just to warm up and ease those muscles from your long day. Stretch upwards once in there for a minute and release the pressure on your lower back and roll your head gently from side to side.

Take the pressure off of getting into bed, but use it as your own self-pampering experience that not only addresses your mindset before sleep and urges you into a relaxing state with CBD and essential oils, but also becomes part of a greater role in your overall wellbeing.

Infinity CBD and sleep

Whether it’s from looking at your phone too much late in the evening, ongoing anxieties, work stress or just wanting to play games until the early hours, one thing is for sure, not having a consistent sleep pattern isn’t good for you.

Along with this, our methods for resolving typical issues such as sleep or stress go along the same trope with solutions typically being of the ‘manmade’ chemical variety for those looking for some serious help.