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illuminent cbd

Illuminent cbd

Product Facts:

Suggested Serving: 0.50mL

Cannabinol (CBN) is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. CBN is the result of aged Cannabis and is created when the cannabinoid THC-A oxidizes through exposure to heat and light. In other words, as THC matures and breaks down, CBN is created! CBN is known to have a low affinity to CB1 receptors and directly influence CB2 receptors. CBN is known for its calming, relaxing benefits and has the ability to jump-start regulated sleep patterns.

Illuminent Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of Industrial Hemp.

Starting, Illuminent CBD is the brainchild of Ryan Botsch, CEO and veteran of the Vape industry. In his explanation regarding the company’s background, the Illuminent CEO credits creating the CBD brand as a means he made to help his partners harness their cannabis passion through a win-win network solution. In essence, the background with Illuminent is that it operates as a direct selling platform for turn-key business solutions.

About Illuminent CBD

If you are a lover of taste, you will get along well with the favorite flavors available with Illuminent’s CBD products. Over ten flavors are available for those who sit well with the use of artificial flavors.


On the part of the brand, Illuminent CBD operates as an extensive line of Cannabidiol products with the goal to deliver not only innovation but a healthier lifestyle for the customers. While the goal remains a promise for better health thanks to the CBD-infused products, Illuminent also plans to partner with Cannabis entrepreneurs and partners seeking the necessary tools to build their companies networks.