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ignite payments cbd

Ignite payments cbd

We are glad to welcome you in our Ignite Payments eData Merchant Services company. Where we inspire future businesses!

We Are

We also help with early stages of a business and provide change management services for more established organizations, resulting in faster return on investment and value.

International and US Merchant Account Provider!**

At EdataPay, we’re experts with over 18 years of experience, providing turn key the technology set up on proprietary business sodtwares and smart business set up to Ignite smooth and fast Payments by eData Merchant services for large established business and start-up businesses. We have the perfect technology any small business need today to complete as or with the established organizations and Brands. Our success is built on our client’s success. Our consultants provide support to clients through consultations in specific areas and for specific requirements. We create for our clients’ long-term results that continually drive improvement and value.

Ignite payments cbd

Monthly Fee: Variable

Ignite Payments Overview

Ignite Payments became a part of CardConnect in 2019. It currently operates under that name. Through CardConnect, Ignite Payments offers online payment processing, POS systems, and integrated payment processing management solutions.

Ignite Payments was established in June 2013 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Data. However, First Data chose to dissolve the brand in 2019. What’s left of Ignite Payments now exists under the CardConnect brand.