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how to stop cbd distillate from crystallizing

● Naturally occurring crystallization happens when the potency and quality of the CBD is high. Crystallization may happen with extracts that are approximately 60% or higher and, do not have enough THC to offset this effect.

Why does crystallization happen?

● Crystallization fully resolves with heat, but only temporarily, and will likely recrystallize again when it cools.

What does this mean for my Sundial CBD vape cartridge/pen?

● Rub the vape cartridge between your hands and the heat will de-crystallize the molecules and reduce viscosity.

How to stop cbd distillate from crystallizing

Hey guys I have CBD distillate in a syringe that pretty much is crystallized now since I just left it out in the room. I know that I have to heat it up but I don't want to heat it up too much to not lose the terpenes. I kept it in warm water for about 30 minutes and it didn't do much. It's still in a solid form.

What's the best place to keep CBD distillate so it doesn't lose its liquid form? Keep it in a heat oven 24/7 at 100-110 degrees or something?

Is there a way to make the distillate in liquid form without using too much heat(under 110-119 degrees Fahrenheit) so I can mix it with MCT oil or other products? If I had a bigger batch of for example 500-1,000 grams of distillate how would you recommend me to warm it up so I don't lose the terpenes?