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how to make cbd crystals

How to make cbd crystals

CBD crystals are a more refined, clean version of CBD isolate.

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What Is CBD Isolate?

Learning all of the guidelines of the company, as well as their formulation techniques, will allow you to have a better grasp on the CBD or THC product you are ingesting.

The second type of machine that we produce is a high-performance liquid chromatography machine. The high-performance liquid chromatography equipment uses a stationary phase that is in the form of particles that are packed into a column. The sample is pumped over the column and a separation of THC and CBD takes place. We do not use a solvent gradient unless we are cleaning the column.


High-quality CBD products will lack toxins, chemical contaminants, or inorganic compounds and the company making those products need to hold to those standards to ensure a safe, quality CBD product. extraktLAB, for example, utilizes advanced equipment to generate a cleaner product to put on the market.

How to make cbd crystals

Change the temperature of the heating element to 5 degrees Celsius. Decrease the speed that the mixture is getting stirred at while it cools down. You do want the RPM to stay at 120 or slightly higher, however. You’ll start to see crystals form as everything cools down. Take the temperature down to negative 10 degrees Celsius. The CBD crystals will continue to form during this process.

Commercial-grade equipment is a necessary part of creating CBD crystals of the appropriate purity. Both short path kits and wiped film distillation equipment can be used during this process. You’ll also need pentane, which will act as the solvent for the distillation.

What are the Benefits of CBD Crystals

Use a three to one ratio of CBD oil to pentane and set the machine to stir this mixture. Set the heat to 45 degrees Celsius to begin the process of dissolving the oil into the pentane. Once the oil is completely dissolved and the solution is 45 degrees Celsius, you can move on to the next step of the process.

The ratio of pentane to CBD oil is not always three to one. Some CBD oils may work better with additional solvent or less, depending on the amount of distillation it’s gone through and the base material it started with.

How to Make CBD Isolate Crystals

You keep going until there’s no more precipitation in the machine. Remove the CBD crystals and take it through a vacuum filter to pull any remaining liquid off the crystals. Use chilled pentane to rinse off the CBD isolate, so that any lingering impurities are pulled off the crystals.