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how much cbd can your body absorb

How much cbd can your body absorb

Now that you know a bit about bioavailability by product type, let’s talk about the different versions of supplements you find in the CBD world:

Now that you’re a pro, we’re leaving you with this (optimistic) and helpful chart for when you’re trying to understand dose.

Based on the research we have, here are a few ways to get cannabinoids into your system ranked from most bioavailable to least.

Two things impact bioavailability:

How your body ingests it: topical, smoked, oral, edible, or pill are a few common ways to get CBD into your body.

Full spectrum means you maintain all ingredients found in the hemp flower. This means that full spectrum products have .3% or less THC because it doesn’t strip anything out, and there is research that shows this is more effective than CBD extracted alone, which would be called isolate. Broad Spectrum is when only the THC is removed but all other ingredients and cannabinoids are maintained. The best way to think of full spectrum and isolate is an orange versus a vitamin C pill, with broad spectrum acting more like a full spectrum product.

Nanoemulsion is a way to make oils blend well in water by making the particle size much smaller, thus making it water-soluble (read: able to be absorbed more quickly and better by your body). There is also water-soluble CBD on the market, which is what you’re typically drinking when you have a CBD drink (and thus your body can absorb more).

Bioavailability: when speaking of supplements (hemp falls into this category), bioavailability is the quantity or fraction of the ingested dose that’s absorbed into your body to be considered active.

Vaping and smoking appear to have some of the highest bioavailability at between 34 – 56 %. While smoking something like CBD may not have the localized effect you’ll want if you have joint pain, smoking is a good way to get CBD into your system.

How much cbd can your body absorb

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How much of that actually gets into the system? A 2009 study published in Phytotherapy Research by an Italian research team looked at that exact question. According to their research, those who took CBD oil sublingually absorbed between 13% and 19% of the CBD oil. While other routes allowed for higher concentrations to enter the body, its efficacy also decayed quicker.

How You Take CBD Affects How You Absorb It