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hope craft cbd

Hope craft cbd

In case you are not aware, the regulation over what actually goes into CBD products is almost completely nonexistent. Minnesota Craft CBD is owned and crafted by a Registered Nurse who is dedicated to ensuring people have access to the absolute highest quality CBD at an affordable price. You will find that our 2800 milligram tinctures allow users the luxury of making a bottle last longer than other products that are less concentrated.

The exact ingredients found in every bottle of Minne sota Craft CBD are always consistent from bottle to bottle. This is because every single bottle sold is handcrafted drop by drop to ensure each bottle contains exactly what we intend to be in it. We determined the exact levels based on data that we obtained from our extensive review into numerous high-quality peer-reviewed scientific literature that documented the effectiveness of CBD on a variety of conditions for which it is used. Our products are crafted to have a makeup that best matches what is found in the CBD, determined to be the most effective according to the scientific literature we studied, to the best of our abilities.

When all the parts come back together in a bottle of Minnesota Craft CBD, the user is left with a product that harnesses the full power of what is known as the “Entourage Effect”. Very few products put the effort we do into ensuring this is done to the level of precision that we go through.

Evidence-based science has taught us that the best CBD includes more than just CBD blended into an oil. In order to ensure our products are maximally effective, we return the essential parts of the hemp plant that were lost during the process of distillation.

About Us

Our full-spectrum CBD tincture is crafted from locally grown organic hemp. The hemp we use was intentionally selected based on the properties found within it. This hemp is processed in small batches into an ultra-high purity distillate by an experienced team of professionals who are passionate about what they do. The distillation process naturally removes impurities and the result is a highly concentrated, cannabinoid-rich syrup-like distilate. This distillate is sent to an ISO17025, A2LA accredited 3rd party laboratory where it undergoes extensive testing to ensure it exceeds the standards desired for both quality and safety reasons.

This is also the case for our flavor profiles. This dedication to consistency and perfection is why we feel confident when we say we make the claim that we have some of the best CBD in the world. We take pride in every single bottle of CBD that we sell. We believe people deserve this level of precision. I hope you can see just how much we value your health and wellbeing.

Minnesota Craft CBD is without a doubt one of the highest quality CBD products in existence. Using only the finest ingredients, with peer-reviewed scientific literature as our guide, we have meticulously crafted a CBD product line you can trust. We passionately believe that quality counts and that safety matters.

Not only is our quality unbeatable, so are our prices. If you are ever unhappy with our products we will make things right or provide you with a full refund. We are proud to say that that we have never had a single customer complain about one of our products. But rather we have had many provide us with compliments. We hope you enjoy Minnesota Craft CBD as much as we enjoy making it for you. We would love to hear about your experience, so feel free to send us a message.