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hope cbd candy

Hope cbd candy

These natural candies are non-GMO, Organic and lab tested for strength & quality.

Packs of 10 & 30 available from £9.99 with next day UK shipping.

HopeCBD Hard Candies are packed with 5mg of CBD in each. Made with only 3 ingredients: – Honey, Propolis & Oil extracted from hemp naturally rich in CBD.

CBD Candies from HopeCBD

Our CBD Candies are a delicious cannabis edible and a great way to supplement cannabidiol into your diet. Each boiled sweet is individually wrapped and comes packed with 5mg of Full Spectrum Extracted CBD Oil.

Consuming CBD in this form is ideal for on the go or if you are not keen on other delivery methods. This can be taken by itself or as an additional and complimentary product when taking other cannabidiol based products.


As each candy has 5mg of CBD this is equivalent to 6 drops of our 300mg CBD Oil or 2.5 drops of our Advantage Plus 4% CBD Oil.

Clearly CBD Sweets are ideal for on the go. Take 1 or 2 per day or as and when required. Do not take more than 200mg CBD per day. CBD has a cumulative effect in the body as it stores in the fatty tissue until metabolized.

We provide quality Hard Candies products that we proudly stand behind. See for yourself, the photos you see on our website, were all taken at Hope Ranch. Each succulent piece of candy is made by the hands of hundreds of experts and also our hemp plants.

Hope CBD Hard Candies provide all natural, CBD Hard Candies Full Spectrum organically produced under the guidence of botanical experts. Created with the hands of chemical experts. Crafted with the creative minds of confectioners with years of practice.

Hope CBD Hard Candies uses Full-Spectrum that have no toxins and a full extract profile. Seed to CBD Hard Candies Full Spectrum done in house, so the product is pure and the cost is low. This way it can lead to a better and stronger source of CBD candy for all to enjoy.

Homegrown Hard Candies by Heroes Certified

In addition to being a family business, we are owned and operated by military veterans and proudly participate in the “Homegrown by Heroes” certification program. So with any purchases made, you’re supporting former service members and their family. With your purchase of these candies, you are helping many veterans conform to society easier and much more effective.