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highland farms cbd oil

Most of Highland Pharms products are full-spectrum to include all the benefits that the ‘whole plant’ may offer. With that said, it does have a few broad-spectrum and CBD isolates to cater to consumers looking for THC-free options.

The company sources high-quality, non-GMO hemp grown in Colorado. These farms utilize sustainable and organic agricultural practices to produce happy, healthy plants.

One year after its inception, Luke Johnston lost his life battling cancer. Luke “believed in the power of CBD and worked hard to let everyone he came in contact with know about its amazing properties.” The company honors Luke and his belief in the abilities of CBD by focusing on high-quality products at various strengths to appeal to a wide range of customers and their diverse needs.

Highland Pharms Overview

Additionally, the company applies a supercritical CO2 method to extract CBD oil from its hemp plants. This technique is one of the best possible options because it doesn’t degrade the hemp’s cannabinoids or terpenes.

When reading customer reviews for products like the FX CBD Vape Oil (i.e. Chill & Think) and the FX Terpene drops, many people say it’s the best vape oil or terpene blend they’ve ever tried.

Lab Tested

Highland Pharms is a well-established and respected CBD company known for its extensive selection of quality products. The majority of these products contain a full-spectrum hemp extract, with various potencies, price points, and application methods.

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Highland farms cbd oil

Highland Pharms products are free of insecticides, solvents, and heavy metals.

Each softgel in the 25+ Hemp Softgel Capsules contains 28.45mg/sg of CBD. Each bottle contains 30 softgel capsules.

Items are shipped within 1-2 days, provided the items are in stock.

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Vegan and Gluten-free

The Ultra+ and 15k+ CBD Hemp Oil Drops and 30-gram jars of extract are excluded from the list of returnable items.

Individuals suffering from intense pain caused by severe or advanced medical conditions, such as cancer, may benefit from CBD.

Further studies are required to give definitive proof of CBD’s efficacy on alleviating hard-to-manage pain. However, multiple studies point that CBD and CBD products have much potential.


A 2008 study involving individuals with cancer or multiple sclerosis showed that cannabinoids may help in managing symptoms associated with challenging-to-treat pain [1] , such as cancer -related pain.

One bottle of FX Terpenes vape oil is the least expensive product at $12.95. The most expensive is the 15k+ Hemp Drops with 15,000mg CBD, which costs $699.95 per 16-oz bottle.