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high cbd hemp clones

High cbd hemp clones

We strongly advise our customers to pre-order their clones. We sometimes have extra clones available at a moments notice, but most clones are cut to order and should be ready for pickup/field planting about three weeks after the order is made. Our clone availability is based on the amount of pre-orders we have, compared to the condition and stage of our mothers and; as such, is quite varied. A minimum order is one tray of 72 clones. Pick-up, delivery, and shipping options are available.

Volume Discounts

$3.50 per clone on orders of 1000 clones or more.

Quick Kush Hemp Clones

This quick flowering variety typically flowers two-three weeks earlier than most other strains. Outdoor growers in the Atlantic Northeast can expect a late September to early October harvest. A great strain to grow in conjunction with a later flowering stain to facilitate staggered harvesting. We love this super skunky and overwhelmingly dank strain.

High cbd hemp clones

At Trilogene Seeds, we offer remote help for all our customers. Plant spacing, fertilization recommendations, growing and harvesting advice and more are all part of what we do for our customers. All at no charge.

We chose new hemp varietals based first on our senses. We use our senses, honed over years of experience working with cannabis genetics to “pheno-hunt” for new ideal characteristics.

Exceptional growth and yield. They out yielded the 2 other genetics on the farm by 2 times. They grew so aggressively that I plan to provide them more space next year and plant all Trilogene genetics. The team at Trilogene were easy to reach for questions provided the service that is difficult to find in the seed sales business. I was very impressed with the price, quality and service from Trilogene.

It is the testing, the data and the science that confirms the winning varietals our senses first revealed. The THC and cannabinoid testing are imperative, of course.

High CBD Hemp Seeds Online for the Professional Hemp Farmer

A mild blend of freshly harvested microgreens with an array of plant matter, black pepper, and pine nuts.

Trilogene Genetics are on par with the best in the industry. From propagation to harvest, it has been a joy working with these plants. Nearly every plant on our 4 acre plot was over 7′ tall with beautifully filled out colas, heavy trichome production, and a great terpene profile. I was astounded with the way my crop turned out. If you want to grow a crop you’re proud of, grow with Trilogene.

So, what elevates a new hemp seed cultivar onto our elite hemp genetics list? Well, it has to pass our five tests:

Feminized Hemp Seeds, Seedlings and Clones Bred In-House by Our Experienced and Data-Driven Team

We’re only satisfied when a new hemp cultivar meets these five tests, and we’ve bred it for at least three generations for uniformity within the genetic pool, before we add a new variety to our list. We are confident that Trilogene is the best source of hemp seeds for sale.

How can CBD hemp farmers have confidence the seed they buy will yield as promised? Will their harvest pass the crucial low-THC threshold and stand up to field stress and thrive in their particular climate?

High cbd hemp clones

Enjoy premium high CBD hemp clones available for wholesale. All of our hemp clones are independent, third-party lab tested for CBD potency. Work with the nation’s leading hemp farmers for exclusive cultivation advice and gain access to our extensive inventory. We’ve partnered with novices and seasoned hemp farmers alike and are happy to extend our comprehensive experience and knowledge in both the hemp and CBD industry.

Premium CBD-Rich Hemp Seeds

A: When purchasing our hemp clones and seeds, we recommend 48″ x 36″ spacing for clone planting. Clone planting should result in 3,630 plants per acre. When planting by seed, we recommend 30″ x 24″ spacing. Seed planting should result in 8,712 plants per acre.

Q: What are CBD hemp clones?

When using generic CBD seeds, you can expects a 2% drop in CBD content. This results in 6% to 8% on whole plant biomass and 8% to 10% on flower.