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high cbd cannabis strains seeds

High cbd cannabis strains seeds

Different strains affect different people in different ways, so you can cultivate the strains that suit you best and use techniques that increase the CBD levels as much as possible.

It prefers to grow in temperatures between 72-85°F and likes humidity right around 50 per cent. It is very resistant to pests, disease, and mold. Harlequin produces large colas and should be harvested early before CBD levels start dropping off. To get the highest CBD levels possible, harvest when 80-85 per cent of the pistils have changed color from white to orange and brown.

Benefits of Growing Your Own CBD

There are plenty of CBD products for sale in stores, but cultivators can easily grow their own high-CBD cannabis plants for medicinal purposes. Monica Mansfield details five of the best strains to grow at home.


ACDC is the offspring of Cannatonic and Cannabis Ruderalis. Its THC levels are almost nonexistent, giving you all the medical benefits of cannabis without the high. This strain is ideal for those needing to treat health conditions while keeping a clear head. It is one of the strongest CBD strains out there, with levels at 20 per cent or more. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a fruity, skunky, earthy aroma, and offers a relaxed buzz. It leaves you feeling euphoric, happy, calm, and helps you focus.

High cbd cannabis strains seeds

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating cannabis molecule with a variety of anecdotal and studied benefits. Strains high in CBD are popular with users for help with:

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Just as you can search for strains high in THC, sativa, or indica, you can also search for strains high in CBD – and Leafly users do just that.

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Stephen Hawking Kush offers mild, relaxing effects while doling out a healthy dose of CBD, too. This indica-dominant strain is one of the more unique CBD cuts out there, offering both heady and soothing effects.