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hempathy cbd

“This is not another CBD brand. Hempathy is the first U.S.A. pure hemp-seed oil beauty brand to launch in China,” says Drake Sutton-Shearer, CEO and founder of Future State Brands, when sharing an exclusive first look into the launch of his brand in China.

A Rapidly Growing Market

“China is in the early stages of a legalization of cannabinoid products like CBD and hemp; it’s reminiscent of the journey in North America. With topical cannabinoid skin care now legal, hundreds of brands have applied for CFDA registration (a legal registration for retail distribution) over the last year and a half,” he says. “Marrying that with the fact the Asia Pacific region is the world largest cosmetics market, the opportunity was ripe for Future State Brands to launch plant-powered skincare brand Hempathy into China as a first mover hemp-only premium beauty brand from the USA.”

The Making Of New York’s $150 Million ‘Cannabis Campus’

According to Sutton-Shearer, Future State Brands’ decision to enter the Chinese market responded to the rising demand for natural products containing cannabinoids.

This is a full hemp plant tincture with an added kick of CBD paste. It is made by infusing the whole plant including seeds, stem and root along with the buds for three days at a constant low heat. This beautiful infused glycerin is then strained and reheated and the CBD paste added.

All our CBD paste is extracted by the distillation process and we use a 95% non GMO wheat alcohol in our still. It’s a hands on approach, a slow gentle process of extraction and we are pretty good at it!

Take three drops before sleeping and three upon waking. Do this for three days, then use as suits. All our oils and tinctures come in two sizes,10ml and 30ml, in glass bottles with pipettes for ease of dosage.