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hemp bombs cbd capsules review

Hemp bombs cbd capsules review

However, if you’re unhappy with any product, you can use the Hemp Bombs 30-day money-back guarantee. Please note that Hemp Bombs do NOT refund the difference if you exchange your product for a cheaper one. For example, if you pay $79.99 for a product and exchange it for one that costs $39.99, you won’t receive a refund of $40.

If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, why not try Hemp Bombs capsules? The brand provides a bigger range than most companies with Original, CBD Sleep, and High Potency capsules.

Hemp Bombs CBD oil comes from a Tampa, Florida-based manufacturer that doesn’t provide much information on its ‘Our Story’ page. It tells us that Hemp Bombs was founded in 2016 and is dedicated to spreading natural wellness worldwide. Also, its products are sourced from high-grade industrial hemp.

Interestingly, the brand doesn’t disclose its extraction method, nor does it explicitly say where it gets its hemp from in the United States. All it says is that the hemp used contains 0.3% THC.

Does Hemp Bombs Sell Any Other CBD Products?

Meanwhile, they must also contend with changing legislation. For instance, the recent PACT Act prevents companies from delivering CBD vape products via the United States Postal Service. The disruption caused by this new rule, not to mention the added expense, has forced many companies to discontinue a lucrative business.

Hemp Bombs is a relatively old CBD company that operates against this background of change and challenge. It has developed a positive reputation for the quality and quantity of CBD products offered. Let’s find out if it deserves the praise or is overhyped in our review below.

There is 15mg of CBD in the Original option, which comes in mixed fruit flavor. The list of ingredients is lengthy and includes corn syrup, pectin, natural and artificial flavors, along with gelatin and citric acid. Not everybody will be impressed by the presence of sugar and corn syrup, though you can’t argue with the taste.

Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules Review

Please note that Veterans and Active-Duty Military Personnel, Seniors, and First Responders benefit from a 15% discount once they prove their eligibility.

No matter which one you use, taking a CBD capsule is easy; swallow one with water or another liquid.

Hemp bombs cbd capsules review

More so, what we love about this brand is that it runs a fully vertical operation [1] , which means that the company does everything from pure CBD extraction to in-house manufacturing and packaging. Besides that, the company also plants and produces its own cannabis. In order to ensure that you get nothing but high-quality CBD goods, they follow strict farming standards under rigorous regulations.

Hemp Bombs’ Pros

How do they make it possible? They get their industrial hemp from Europe’s organic farms. Why does it matter, then? Simply because the Scandinavian organic industrial hemp is normally placed under tighter regulations than American hemp, even requiring an organic certification [2] . Due to that, you can anticipate that the Hemp Bomb products are more natural, safer, and much more efficient.

Hemp Sourced from Europe

No need to worry about getting tested for a drug screening because the CBD products Hemp Bombs offers are only derived from CBD isolates [4] , which do not contain any single trace of THC. Remember, THC is the compound that can make you high, so for those who are looking for cannabidiol products with zero THC content then they should go for ones that are derived from CBD isolates.

Hemp bombs cbd capsules review

Hemp Bombs CBD capsules contain 15 – 30 mg of CBD and are available in a wide range of package sizes. In addition to CBD, Hemp Bombs includes many other beneficial ingredients in its capsule formula. These CBD capsules are perfect for those of you suffering from stress and anxiety.

Price/Value 5/5

Hemp Bombs sources all of its hemp from American farms but doesn’t explicitly say which state. The company claims to use 100% organic and pesticide-free hemp grown with environmentally-friendly methods.

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In addition to CBD, Hemp Bombs capsules contain a few other great ingredients that offer health benefits of their own. Most of these ingredients should reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.