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haze auto cbd

Haze auto cbd

The flavour is complex and intense, with the typical Haze taste – incensed and spicy – but with new nuances that will surprise and please all lovers of classic Sativa.

This new Auto line grows compact and develops plenty of side branches, reaching up to 1.2 metres in height. It is discreet and easy to grow either indoors or outdoors, also suitable for guerrilla crops.

Haze Auto CBD is a new cannabis strain developed by Dinafem from the Haze XXL Auto marijuana and a CBD variety, which adds its sweetness to the Haze flavour. Now available in Alchimiaweb’s catalog of feminized seeds.

With 1:1.3 THC:CBD ratio (5.5%THC and 7%CBD), the effect of Haze Auto CBD is body and mind relaxing, with moderate intensity and duration.

Unlike typical Sativas, which are often too psychoactive for many users, Haze Auto CBD allos you to enjoy the beneficial and relaxing properties of cannabinoids without unwanted side effects (anxiety, paranoia. ).

In a growroom, Haze Auto CBD can be harvested after 70-85 days of seed germination, providing yields that can reach 500 grams per square meter. Externally, this variety can be cultivated from April to October, yielding yields that can reach 100 grams per plant.

CBD Haze Auto has a medicinal and very relaxing and long-lasting effect on the brain and body. This medical strain leaves no one dissatisfied.

CBD Haze Auto is an automatic sativa-dominant marijuana strain that is Seeds66’s first CBD automatic strain. This strain was produced by crossing Haze Auto and a CBD-rich variety.

It is quite sensitive to over-watering, but tolerates the use of fertilizers pretty well.

The taste of Haze Auto CBD retains the typical Haze touch, but with a sweet background that makes it even more attractive.

The plant reaches a medium to low size with a very compact growth and a rapid flowering time. It can grow up to 120 cm and develop several main branches. It is very easy to cultivate and therefore ideal for all types of culture media (inside and out).

Features of Haze Auto CBD:

This strain grows well indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors even in temperate climate regions. A notable characteristic of this strain is the few leaves that it grows in favour of an increased number of budding sites. Dinafem suggest using organic nutrients especially if pursuing a therapeutic remedy. In addition they recommend using 30% coco coir in the substrate giving it frequent but judicious waterings. A life cycle of 10 weeks is anticipated.

Haze Autoflowering CBD strain is a cross of 2 automatic strains, viz. Haze XXL Auto and another CBD-rich auto plant. It develops into quite a small, sativa dominant, plant which is very easy to grow, even for the novice. Its high number of dense, resin-covered buds are decorated with attractive orange-coloured pistils. With a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1.3 Haze Autoflowering CBD is recommended for therapeutic uses.

Its flavour and perfume is very much in the Haze camp with some woody incense notes. The high effect is not too strong and is quite cerebral, relaxing and healing and which is due to the fact that THC levels are quite low at 5.5% with slightly higher levels of CBD.