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Get full info about Haleighs Hope weed strain on AskGrowers. Learn effects, flavors, terpenes, the lineage and growing process of each strain with AskGrowers Haleigh’s Hope is a high-CBD strain from Colorado named after a 4-year old with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Her conditions were treated with an oil derived from this strain, which exhibits a CBD:THC ratio of 24:1. This low-THC, high-CBD cannabinoid profile was finally achieved after four years of c… Check out our full review of Haleigh's Hope CBD, the brand specializing in cannabidiol for children. Here's all you need to know.

Haleighs Hope Strain Review

Beginners can enjoy smoking this kush but low potency does not make it any less effective when it comes to medical applications. There are many different characteristics of this marijuana that make it a good choice to try out.

What is there to know about Haleighs Hope? Here is a detailed review that outlines the benefits and downside of using this cannabis, helping you make an informed decision:

Haleighs Hope information

Most cannabis users pay close attention to the strain they choose and like to know what type of weed it is. The marijuana is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa and is very well-balanced because each cannabis type takes 50%. What is most distinct about this marijuana is that it makes up the low THC with its high CBD content.

It has become one of the prime strains to extract oil and use it for countless medical applications. Since it is also very well-balanced, both types of hybrid weed fans will enjoy it, regardless of whether they love Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant strains. The weed offers the best of both worlds and is currently being used for solely medicinal reasons.

History of this weed

The Haleighs Hope strain has quite an emotional history and that is regularly not the case with most types of weed. You may tell from the name it was given that there is quite a story behind this type of cannabis.

The name of this strain is derived from the story of a 4-year-old girl who suffered from epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Her name was Haleigh, who bravely fought these conditions and found relief by using medical marijuana.

Unfortunately, that is just about the accurate data out there about the history of this strain. The public knows very little about the lineage of this kush because of the secrecy by its developers. That is also what has made it so rare not easily accessible to consumers.

What effects does it have?

If you are looking for a strain that has a rapidly permeating high, this may not be the best option for you. The effects are not swift and it also does not have a very strong high but it is long-lasting. The effects are leaning towards those offered by an Indica-dominant strain. Some of these effects include:

  • The users might feel an improvement in their mood because it makes that individual more euphoric.
  • You can also expect the weed to calm your body and mind making the user feel very relaxed. That relaxing feeling might also cause you to dose off and sleep.
  • From the Sativa side of the family, this weed took the effects of making the user more sociable. After smoking it, you might be prone to engage in conversation with some friends or family.

The effects are easygoing and mellow, making it conducive to be used by total beginners.

Medical benefits of Haleighs Hope weed

The Haleighs Hope marijuana strain definitely lives up to the expectations of its users regarding the medical effects it possesses. There are a plethora of medical conditions that are treated using this weed, people suffering from the following illnesses have benefited from it:

  • Patients suffering from chronic pain enjoy the powerful effects it has on this condition. That may seem surprising considering that the marijuana has low THC content but the CBD sure does pull its weight.
  • Other conditions this pot can treat includes inflammation, headaches and muscle spasms.
  • If you suffer from chronic fatigue, this strain can also help with treating the condition.
  • It can also help you deal with chronic stress and depression by elevating your mood when smoking it.

You might not feel a strong high when smoking this weed but it strongly combats pain and other ailments.

Side effects

Although this particular cannabis does not have a high THC content, there are some common side effects that are attributed to it. As you might presume, the negative effects are not as much when compared with other strains that are very potent. The side effects of smoking this weed are the common side effects that are unavoidable.

They are experiencing a dry mouth and the eyes also have the same reaction but it is not irritating to the extent of requiring medical attention.

The dry eyes might also complement the pressure that might build up behind them, prompting you to get some rest and sleep. That benefits patients using it for medical purposes because of all the side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

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Why should you choose this strain?

There are many different reasons why you should choose to try this strain but here are only three regarding the appearance, flavor, and fragrance of this cannabis. Here are more details on each one:


Each bud has a mix of a variety of colors and they generally consist of green, yellow and bright orange. The nugs have a base color of yellow-green and then there are bright orange hair sometimes with some hints of gold.


The pot has a unique taste that mixes herbal flavors alongside some spiciness with noticeable earthiness. What makes the taste stand out in this kush is the pine and lemon hints that are also noticeable.

Smell and aroma

The smell and aroma complement the flavor of this cannabis. It has some pine and lemon scents with a slight dusting of sweetness in the mix. You will also smell some herbal and spicy aromas when smoking this weed.

Who is more suitable for it?

Since the strain does not have high THC levels, it is not that potent and has easygoing effects. Its high does not take hold of the user rapidly or strongly and that makes it perfect for beginners to use. It primarily focuses on treating medical conditions and that is who is more suitable to use this cannabis.

People suffering from chronic pain like migraines or joint and back ailments can benefit the most from this cannabis. Others suffering from inflammation and muscle spasms are also suitable to use this pot for those medical reasons. If you are suffering from depression or chronic stress, the strain can also be very efficient in treating those conditions.

How do growers rate this cannabis?

The breeders of this weed have kept a tight lid on details about it. Thus they are the only growers. There are no seeds that are available online or from any other dispensary of this weed.

Although other growers believe this creates a bottleneck in the industry, the breeders see these restrictions fitting. If they let go of this cannabis by letting anyone and everyone grow it, there might be some repercussions.

People might start altering with it and that will affect the effects it has and the THC level it has. The best way to keep this strain a medicinal strain is by taking it off the market for other growers.

This way, the chemical content cannot be messed so the CBD remains high and the THC low. Although there are contradicting opinions about this strain, the proprietary knowledge remains with the breeders.

Is it popular amongst growers?

Since the strain is off limits, the only popular grower is the breeder and no other growers are out there. You cannot source seeds anywhere, which ensures that no one else attempts to grow this weed. If you would like to contact the direct grower, your one and the only option is Haleighs Hope Inc. in Colorado.

Where can you source it?

Unfortunately, you cannot get this cannabis in wax form or any other form because it is extracted its oil and then supplied it in the latter form. These measures have been put in place to avoid any bad publicity around the strain involving it being used for other reasons apart from what they are intended for. You cannot buy its buds or wax at any dispensary.

If you would like to use the oil extracted from the cannabis, contact Haleighs Hope Inc directly to get it. Undoubtedly the company is very cautious about maintaining the purity of this type of marijuana.

Without buds on sale, it will also be hard creating cuttings that might clone this weed. That is the reason why you cannot find anything but the oil of this weed.

How is this strain grown?

Although growing this weed is not possible due to non-availability, you might be interested in how this strain is grown and cultivated. Since it is well-balanced, one might presume that it does not grow very tall but it might need to be topped depending on the vertical space available to cultivate it.

Probably it is grown indoors since it is medical specific cannabis because growers can control the elements to a greater extent in this environment.

That enables them to monitor the chemical content of the cannabis and ensure that it is exactly what they want. It might be taking an average of 8 to 10 weeks for this cannabis to flower and be ready for harvest. When it flowers, the buds have fiery colors with dark green and long reddish-brown hairs.

Can you use it for cooking edibles?

You can definitely use Haleighs Hope’s CBD oil to cook and bake a variety of edibles. The best part is that you do not have to worry about potent THC levels because the oil has so little.

Just start off with a small dose of CBD oil and do not expose it to direct heat because it might burn off the cannabinoids, rendering it useless. The best recipes to use CBD in are those with some fat in them already like butter or cooking oil. It can be used in virtually any recipe that you can cook regardless of whether it is sweet or savory.

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Similar Strains


Perhaps you are now considering getting this cannabis immediately to ease your ailments. The strain is most effective for that and it was solely developed for this purpose.

Haleighs Hope Inc. came up with a lot of restrictions to ensure that this stays so and no one will attempt to alter and change its intent. You can use it on a lot of recipes but just ensure that the CBD content does not burn off because that will be defeating the purpose. Unfortunately, you cannot grow this strain because this right remains with Haleighs Hope only.

Haleigh’s Hope

Haleigh’s Hope is a high-CBD strain from Colorado named after a 4-year old with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Her conditions were treated with an oil derived from this strain, which exhibits a CBD:THC ratio of 24:1. This low-THC, high-CBD cannabinoid profile was finally achieved after four years of crossing and selecting from hundreds of different phenotypes.

Haleigh’s Hope is a high-CBD strain from Colorado named after a 4-year old with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Her conditions were treated with an oil derived from this strain, which exhibits a CBD:THC ratio of 24:1. This low-THC, high-CBD cannabinoid profile was finally achieved after four years of crossing and selecting from hundreds of different phenotypes.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD Review

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Haleigh’s Hope is a touching brand started by a family. It offers high-strength CBD/THC tinctures that can help the whole family on their wellness journey.

Using the syringe, fill it with the tincture liquid, then drop it under the tongue using the measurements. Wait for 30 seconds, then swallow. Alternatively, add to food.

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Haleigh’s Hope: Quick Summary

  • The brand has a touching backstory.
  • The pricing is very reasonable for what you get.
  • Syringe dosing is easy thanks to the metered measurements.
  • The nasal spray is an excellent product for children.
  • Despite a high CBD:THC ratio, the products all contain less than 0.3% THC.
  • The lab tests are hard to find and most only display microbes, not cannabinoids.
  • There is a limited selection of products compared to other brands.
  • The oils don’t taste great.

Haleigh’s Hope Review

Of all the CBD brands out there, few are dedicated to kids. There are brands that may have started out as family brands and gone onto bigger things, but Haleigh’s Hope has stayed true to itself in that it caters almost solely to parents.

Jason Cranford, a Georgia native, started the brand a few years ago. He moved to Colorado when he heard that a license was being proposed to cultivate and distribute MMJ in the state. By this point, he was heavily integrated in the medical marijuana community, astounded by the positive effects he was witnessing for adults and kids alike. Cranford became a skilled breeder, and set to work developing his own.

Cranford renamed his strain to Haleigh’s Hope, and its legacy has gone on to astounding things.

It took a lot of mixing strains and backcrossing them to finally produce Haleigh’s Hope. Originally, Cranford named his strain Bubblegum Kush, but he soon encountered a little girl named Haleigh Cox, from Georgia, and her mother. Haleigh suffered from cerebral palsy and often had seizures, and her parents were using medical cannabis to treat her.

Bubblegum Kush had already won awards for its fantastic attributes; it contained high levels of CBD and terpenes, but less than 0.3% THC. As such, it was suitable for children. Cranford renamed his strain to Haleigh’s Hope, and its legacy has gone on to astounding things. In 2015, Georgia passed the Haleigh’s Hope Act for patients to access the MMJ that could help them.

The Haleigh’s Hope brand that the WayofLeaf team reviewed has been operating for a few years. It’s the first brand to receive USDA organic certification from seed to shelf. The brand uses the Haleigh’s Hope strain to produce full-spectrum products that can be used by families.

Below, we check out some of the products available from this incredible brand.

What Products Did We Review?

Haleigh’s Hope does not have the largest range of products in the world, but that’s part of its charm. This is not a heavily-marketed company that’s looking to make loads of cash. Instead, it’s a brand that aims to genuinely help children and families. It aims to make and sell products that can make a difference, not ones that replicate the latest industry gimmick.

As such, there are just six products on the whole site. Five of these are tincture bottles, and one is a nasal spray. The tinctures are available with either an MCT or a safflower carrier oil, so we reviewed both.

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Haleigh’s Hope: All Products Reviewed

Haleigh’s Hope MCT Tincture

Each of the Haleigh’s Hope tincture strengths is available in both coconut oil and safflower oil varieties, apart from the starter bottle which only comes in safflower.

Coconut oil is a common carrier for cannabinoids, since the way the body processes medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) may benefit the uptake of compounds like CBD. In other words, it makes CBD more effective.

Few brands, however, go into the detail of Haleigh’s Hope. This brand states that it uses organic fractionated coconut oil with organic and kosher certifications. The oil consists of almost solely C8 and C10 triglycerides, which are “true medium-chain” according to Haleigh’s Hope.

The coconut oil carrier is also ideal for those on keto and paleo diets. Since the keto diet was originally invented to help sufferers of epilepsy, it makes sense to use a coconut carrier that’s appropriate for those following this regimen. Furthermore, coconut oil has a mild flavor that’s relatively pleasant tasting.

The options for the coconut oil tincture are as follows:

10:1 Tincture:

15:1 Tincture:

  • 30ml Regular Strength:$75
  • 30ml Extra Strength:$150
  • 60ml Regular Strength:$150
  • 60ml Extra Strength:$300

20:1 Tincture:

  • 30ml Regular Strength: $75
  • 30ml Extra Strength: $150
  • 60ml Regular Strength:$150
  • 60ml Extra Strength:$300

30:1 Tincture:

Haleigh’s Hope Tincture with Safflower

The safflower oil used in these tinctures comes from a manufacturer in the US with organic and kosher certifications. The benefit to this carrier is that it has a mild, herby taste which is quite pleasant, though children may not like it. It is low in saturated fats and high in monounsaturated fats. Plus, it has a longer shelf life than other oils, so it’s ideal for keeping around.

Just like the coconut tinctures, these ones come in a glass bottle with a sealed lid. They come with a syringe that has metered measurements for easy dosage, so you can easily see how much to use. A dose is considered to be 1ml, which is a full syringe, but you can easily work out how much you need. Haleigh’s Hope also features the mg per ml on the bottle for even easier dosing – most products contain 20mg per ml.

The safflower oils come in the same strengths and prices as above, with the addition of a 20:1 starter bottle in 30ml. This one costs $30 and is a great tester to see how your child responds to CBD oil.

Haleigh’s Hope Nasal Spray

Haleigh’s Hope also has an available nasal spray containing 5mg of CBD per spray, with 300 sprays in the bottle. It’s super handy to use in case of emergencies, especially if you are using CBD with your child. The product description for this item is a video of a child experiencing a seizure. The mother administers the nasal spray quickly up the nose and the seizure soon subsides.

Having a video as evidence of this product at work is really great, as it shows that the company is willing to go beyond weak claims. Similarly, the website features a Stories section where you can view the successes of other families using these products.

The nasal spray is admittedly quite expensive at $150 per 30ml, but it seems very effective.

What Else Should I Know About the Haleigh’s Hope CBD?

Haleigh’s Hope is available throughout the USA due to its low THC content. If you have any questions, the brand is very easy to contact and the customer service team does its best to answer every query.

One other thing you should know about Haleigh’s Hope is that the founder, Jason Cranford, also runs a charitable body called The Flowering H.O.P.E Foundation. The organization works to deliver cannabis medication to those with Crohn’s, cancer, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. The foundation is not linked to Haleigh’s Hope, though the two companies work closely. It also offers education, so parents who have questions about CBD may wish to get in touch with them separately.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Haleigh’s Hope is an excellent brand that is truly attempting to make a difference. It’s clearly more than a money-grab, as evidenced by the touching testimonials from customers. As children throughout the USA benefit from Haleigh’s Hope, this brand may continue to grow and flourish. It attempts to keep prices down and product quality high no matter what, and it may continue to go from strength to strength.

Haleigh’s Hope is an excellent brand that is truly attempting to make a difference.

It’s difficult to find a bad word to say about Haleigh’s Hope. If you are interested in trying these products for yourself, head to the official website and take a look around. The brand ships to all 50 states, as well as numerous countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom, Finland, and Spain. Other shipping destinations include South Africa and New Zealand. Any shipping questions can be answered by their customer service team.

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