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green river cbd

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Green River Hemp Farm began in Lee County Illinois, after Illinois began accepting applications to grow Hemp. We are happy to announce that the first 2021 crop produced a high quality harvest, that has now been processed and is ready for market. We are proud of our results and we are pleased to offer new products, including Delta 8, Pain Creams, Sunscreen, Pet Products and more! Our hemp is produced using no pesticides and is grown in some of the most fertile soil in the nation. We are looking forward to developing a long term relationship with our customers. Hemp provides many people with a better quality of life and health, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and their use. Our products have been tested by an approved lab, and results are available upon request. Thanks for visiting!

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Green river cbd

Excellent products, dope branding. Chris is the man!

The best flavorless tincture I have tried hands down. I can’t get past the earthy taste personally! Highly reccomend!

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Amazing product! I tried a bunch of other kinds and methods to relieve my anxiety and this was the only thing that worked

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Great products from a great guy, cares about ingredients, and every aspect of the production of these excellent products!!

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Green Creek is one of the best CBD products that I have tried to date. Nearly flavorless, highly effective, and is made with care. Highly recommend!