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future bright cbd

Future bright cbd

Use this easy guide to find the right product for you and get the best quality for your money.

“My fear is that this set of circumstances attracts the wrong type of businesses – more short-term, opportunistic businesses, rather than long-term players who naturally demand a stable, clear regulatory framework to operate within.”

What does a good CBD product look like?

Incorporating CBD into your life is a very personal experience. What works perfectly for one person might not be enough – or maybe too much – for the next. One way of identifying the right amount of CBD for your day-to-day life is to start with a small dose, increasing the amount gradually over time.

1CBD 40 per cent Gold Edition CBD Oil on Handpicked CBD

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Each interchangeable cartridge measures just 0.5ml of CBD-rich oil, plus a unique blend of terpenes and other cannabinoids and hemp compounds for maximum benefit. As you inhale the VapePod will cut out after 1.5 seconds, providing a perfectly measured dose of 1mg CBD every time.

Formulated using only broad-spectrum hemp extract and MCT oil.

Totally free from residual toxins common to agriculture.

why are we selling cbd?

Emulsified into an MCT carrier oil to ensure bioavailability, fast absorption and shelf life.

what do we do?

Future Bright is a UK based business selling scientifically proven high-quality CBD products at affordable prices.