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free cbd samples

Free cbd samples

UPDATE: Due to unanticipated demand, some Forth CBD products are currently out of stock. Please enter your email address below to get notified when our Sample Bundle is available once again!

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Maximum of 1 Sample Bundle per household. If you place more than one order to be shipped to the same address, only the first Sample Bundle will be fulfilled.

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Posted by Kryslyn on Jun 6th 2021

Free cbd samples

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I want to try a free sample of cbd to help me sleep

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With claims that that it help with anxiety, epilepsy, cognition, movement disorders, back pain, osteoarthritis, even cancer.

You know cannabidiol (CBD) is chemical from the cannabis plant.

Free cbd samples

In an industry full of proprietary techniques and secret recipes, transparency remains at the forefront for BATCH. “The last thing the industry needs is for hemp to seem sketchy,” says Mistrioty.

Not only did the opportunity present itself at the perfect time, CBD products and wellness are something they all care about deeply.

Although their branding has evolved, the goal has remained the same: create a personalized handcrafted CBD product for every lifestyle. In fact, BATCH is so confident that you will love their new offerings they are offering a free CBD sample to all who inquire.

“We leveraged what we’ve learned over the last two years in the industry and deliberately improved every aspect of our products from the formulation to the packaging,” says Mistrioty. Just as they did with their lab setup, the BATCH team took the best the industry had to offer, broke it down, and rebuilt it to an even higher standard with a personalized touch. And with a complete packaging overhaul, the creativity on the inside matches the aesthetic on the outside.

BATCH Rebrand

Driven by an unwavering curiosity and motivation, the guys behind the brand quickly became hemp experts. Returning from Seattle with newfound expertise (especially for the Midwest), the team wasted no time designing their own vertically integrated production facility in Wisconsin where all BATCH operations still take place today.

Mistrioty, Lynch, and Gould fostered their entrepreneurial spirit while roommates at UW-Madison. The 2018 Farm Bill, which cleared the way for legal hemp cultivation, passed right around the trio’s graduation. Their business partnership came just as naturally as their friendship.

“In Wisconsin, craft breweries are everywhere,” he continues. “When you go on a brewery tour, you fall in love with that brand because you get to hear their whole story and you get to listen to the nuanced techniques that differentiate each product. We try as much as we can to take that approach here.”

Cannabis “Grad School”

Now after over two years of success, they’re relaunching as BATCH, a boutique line of premium CBD tinctures, lotions, and balms.

BATCH’s balms, designed for topical relief, are highly concentrated and designed as a perfect topical solution for when you’re on the go. A twist-up container—think of a standard deodorant container, but better—allows for easy, mess-free application in both 1-ounce and 2.5-ounce sizes.