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The federal CBD oil laws apply nationwide to any industrial hemp-derived, CBD oil sold in the USA. Since 2019, the CBD oil laws in Florida supersede the federal laws, in the 2018 Farm Bill.

The term CBD oil refers to the extracted cannabinoid (CBD) molecules, from marijuana-hemp plants, which is then infused into oil, for many purposes. To be clear, CBD oil does not contain any Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the known psychoactive component in marijuana.

Patients can become certified for conditions like Parkinson's, Epilepsy, cancer, ALS, PTSD, seizures, chronic pain or, Glaucoma. Plus, any other like condition, that certified medical marijuana doctors believe the health benefits of cannabis, outweigh the risks.

Until recently, CBD oil was illegal under federal law. It was classified alongside regular marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. This classification meant that CBD oil, which was proving to have many health & wellness benefits, was deemed with having NO medical benefits and therefore, illegal federally.

CBD Oil Legalities in Florida

Any CBD oil sold in Florida or, possessed by someone, must be compliant with the 2020 Florida CBD Oil laws, per SB-182.

Although the 2019 state legislation legalized CBD oil in Florida, there are strict requirements that CBD stores & resellers must follow;

To be considered legal, CBD oil must contain less than .08% THC per volume.

What Is CBD Oil?

It's a simple process that starts when a person ingests CBD oil externally, either by mouth, inhalation methods or, topical applications. Once into the blood-stream, cannabinoids find their way into the endocannabinoid system , where they go to work. CBD molecules naturally interact with receptors found in systems and cells throughout the body. This interaction occurs in specific receptors called CB1, and CB2.

There must be a barcode on each bottle of CBD oil sold in Florida, which is directly linked to the 3rd-party, lab analysis of that product's origin.