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flavrx cbd

Flavrx cbd



Now shipping our premium CBD products to all 50 states.


“So my complaint about the candy is that if they’re gonna have a super potent candy, they shouldn’t taste so good because I’ll eat the whole bag! You know what I mean? Because who’s going to eat just one. That’s very good.

Flavrx cbd

Researchers continue uncovering the medicinal and health potential of cannabinoids. In particular, CBD has risen to the fore as one of the most powerful ingredients produced by the cannabis plant.

If you prefer your CBD in some sort of oral application, FlavRx once again has plenty of options. These include:

FlavRx recently announced the release of new CBD gummies. The gummies are available in 14 flavors, and you can choose from 100 milligram or 250 milligram doses.

FlavRx is already one of the weed industry’s most well-established names. Carrying everything from clothing, accessories and a full line of concentrates and other cannabis products, the company is now working to expand its CBD offerings. In fact, FlavRx could very well become your one-stop shop for all things CBD related.

Tailor Your CBD Experience

To top it all off, FlavRx’s new CBD gummies give you a way to medicate that can be both discreet and fun. Most importantly, the gummies will deliver a consistently high-quality dose of cannabidiol.

After turning its sights solidly on the CBD market, FlavRx has quickly built a sizable lineup of products. The company now has everything from CBD-infused topicals to edibles, vaporizers and more.

While cosmetics are closely related to other types of topicals, FlavRx’s CBD Bath Bomb deserves a category all its own. These bath bombs were designed with luxurious, spa-like relaxation in mind.


The vape pens come pre-filled with organic CBD hemp oil. The oils have been infused with high-grade terpenes to create 12 unique flavors.

They combine lavender, essential oils and all-natural CBD to give you a one-of-a-kind cannabis treatment. Ultimately, these bath bombs rejuvenate your skin and give you a deep sense of physical relaxation.

Flavrx cbd

Have you ever dropped a cartridge, picked it up, and fallen into a state of despair because it was broken with precious oils seeping out? If you are the clumsy type who drops stuff when stoned, try a Flav refillable, retractable pocket companion vaporizer. The glass part of the cartridge retracts into the device’s metal shell to ensure it doesn’t get broken in falls or when subjected to pressure.

Flav has become a huge brand and sells practically every THC and CBD product you can think of. As far as its Black Label oil goes, it didn’t feel as strong as other THC oil we have tried with a similar level of the psychoactive cannabinoid . The disposable joint was enjoyable, however, and extremely potent.

You can purchase a Black Label 500mg cartridge for $60 online. However, don’t assume the Double Black Label cartridge will get you more stoned than the other version. The Black Label cartridge we purchased had 71% THC, while there was a Double Black Label cartridge available from the same site for $50, but it contained 44% THC.

What About Flav’s Other Products?

Flav sells premium flower which apparently comes from weed with maximum genetic potential. The top-shelf buds are carefully collected, hand-trimmed, dried, and cured. There are several strain choices including Asian OG and Platinum OG. Finally, you can choose between Flav’s enormous range of CBD products which include salves, roll-on gel, sun, and CBD gummies.

Michael Murphy of Clean Cannabis Initiative LLC claimed that FlavRX was in violation of Proposition 65, which is the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Environment Act of 1986. According to Murphy, FlavRX was guilty of exposing consumers in California to several harmful chemicals without “providing clear and reasonable warning of this exposure.” FlavRX was allegedly in breach of the 1986 Act because it employed 10 or more people.

Where Can I Purchase Flav’s Products?

Read on for our complete Flav review or check out some of our favorite CBD brands here:

Flav seems to have thought of everything. Its POD range is made with all-in-one technology and is filled with ultra-refined cannabis oil. You can also buy POD refills to ensure you are never caught dry. Finally, in its vape range, Flav has collaborated with Rebulution, a reggae rock band in California, to release special vape cartridges in Cali-O and Sour Tsunami strains.