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fairwinds cbd tincture review

– Place the glass dropper directly under the tongue, and squeeze the rubber top to release the serving of oil. Wait 30-60 seconds before swallowing to allow the oil to fully absorb.

– Continue to administer more tincture as necessary. Be sure to allow the oil to fully absorb between servings.

Mental Balance supports:
– An improved mood
– Reduced stress

– Cannabinoids:


– The full effects can be expected within 10-30 minutes after the initial serving is administered.

– Start by gently squeezing the dropper at the top of the glass tube.

– Gently remove the dropper from the glass container and measure out to 0.6ml, using the lines on the dropper itself.


Organic Avocado Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Cannabis Oil w/ Terpenes, Herbal Extract Blend (Corydalis, Magnolia Bark)

Occasional stress in adults can cause emotional or physical harm if ignored. Mental Balance is made with
proven essential oils, terpenes, and cannabis oil to help provide long-lasting stress support and an elevated mood!

Fairwinds cbd tincture review

Sativa Lifestyle Tincture

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Fairwinds CBD oil claims its products are tested for heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, residual solvents, mold, mildew, yeast, and mycotoxins. However, lab reports for these tests are unavailable on the brand’s website.

Vegan and Gluten-Free

Lab results for Fairwinds CBD oil products are unavailable on the brand’s website.